What did UP do?

April 10, 2008. After more then three years of not seeing me, some of my high school friends were expectedly surprised with the sort of things I got myself into within that span of time, and the things that seem to have ‘changed’ since high school. Back in high school, see, being the youngest in class, I’ve always kept that sort of bunso role among all us boys in class. I find it funny myself.

Their first surprise was when I told them I was part of a fraternity. I hadn’t expected it myself. I was never the fratman material, back in high school, and up until now. That is if you follow the traditional stereotypes. The part of me being an activist and a student council member didn’t come off to them as much of a surprise. I was class vice-president for half our stay in high school, after all, and often ranted about our seeming apathy and indifference with what’s happening around us.

Anyway, since I came from a dinner myself after an afternoon at Star City, I just caught up with them finishing off their plates at a restaurant, then we all went to do a round at the bowling center then a few rounds of drinks. Speaking of which, that part sort of came to hem as a big surprise too, that I could gobble up glasses of beer faster than everyone else. What do you expect from a fratman, trained for booze? I think we still looked like high school kids pretending to be cool by drinking. Haha!

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