One week into law school

June 17, 2008. Before I stepped into the UP College of Law, I’ve had quite an adequate number of warnings and advices from friends, acquaintances and brods who were already in law school or were already lawyers. After a week into school, even though I had expected everything, I am still overwhelmed. I am confronted with a day’s worth of readings and cases more than I ever read in one semester as an undergraduate. The readings list for just one subject suggests that I will have to read more than I ever read in my four years as an undergraduate in film school. Not that my undergraduate course was readings-intensive in the first place.

Nevertheless, I feel like I’m going to have to study like I’ve never studied before. I have been warned well. What I’m getting myself into isn’t a joke. I’ve been enjoying it so far. Funny, or perhaps I’m speaking too soon, all the initial readings actually caught my interest. The thought of having a professional grasp of this field excites me in how I can pursue, well, romanticized as it sounds, the pursuit of truth and justice in things I believe in. I can’t yet quite adequately answer the question as to why I’m doing this, but it may be born out of a personal feeling of frustration at a legal system that is largely at the hands of those with the economic and political capital, to protect the status quo. Finally, I thought. I’m going to learn how to engage them in a level where I shall not be dismissed as a mere young idealist who know nothing about laws.

Law school will take a lot of my time from now on. I’m still trying to adjust in a way that I am able to fulfill all my other extra-curricular and personal responsibilities. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to manage my time like I’ve never managed it before. I can’t believe I have to spend hours studying every night. Haha. Obviously, that wasn’t a habit I inculcated as film student.

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