She can’t possibly shut this show off the air

I have a terrible backlog of entries that I have to publish before anything else, but I find this a little too good to pass. I had just finished watching Goin’ Bulilit, a children’s gag show, on ABS-CBN. Part of tonight’s show was a spoof of a showbiz talk show where one of the kids impersonating John Lapus was interviewing another child actor impersonating President Gloria Arroyo. President Arroyo is made to sit on an electric chair. The host explains that the chair would electrocute the President if she lies to John Lapus’ questions.

Interestingly, for a children’s gag show in a segment spoofing a showbiz talk show, the questions were mostly about the NBN-ZTE corruption scandal. And as expected, the President is portrayed as lying to her teeth. And she of course, gets electrocuted a number of times. Hilariously, as the President is electrocuted, everyone on the set suddenly dances like crazy with a shower of colorful confetti and merry background music complementing the stint. It was fuckin’ hilarious! The same stint would be repeated over and over as the President is electrocuted. Crazy. Tawa ako nang tawa! Way to go, Goin’ Bulilit!

It just feels so remarkable for me for a children’s gag show to come up with political satire like this. In the end, as the President is caught lying the last time, she oddly escapes another electrocution. A kid impersonating the President’s husband, Mike Arroyo, enters frame and declares that her wife is safe as they had already bought control of the electric company. That was, of course, in reference to the Meralco issue. Instead of the audience dancing to the same merry music, the President and her husband go dancing in the middle of the set mocking everyone else. Wow!

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