Still daunted

July 16, 2008. There has to come a time when I should move on from the overwhelmed phase and just push through with the tasks required of being a law student. But let me just say it again, and rant for the last time (I hope), that the amount of material we have to read every day is just overwhelming. A few days ago, I got myself my copy of 700-pages long worth of reading materials to be discussed for two subjects within just two meetings. Is it even possible? I spent almost an hour sorting them out and stapling them. I didn’t finish reading them before class. I ended up making a blunder in front of our Constitutional Law 1 professor.

A few days ago, in Criminal Law 1 class, it was a lazy afternoon after lunch break and I was so sleepy from reading the night before, that I didn’t realize I snoozed of for a few minutes. It wasn’t until my seatmate nudged me that my recitation card was picked and the professor has been looking at me and has called my name twice already. Fortunately, I was able to pull the recitation off. But still, that was embarrassing.

At least, going through the experience with a set of wonderful blockmates saves it. Everyone, especially the very diligent ones, is very helpful to others, (like me, hehe), who are sometimes left behind with the lessons because of, well, various reasons. And all the lunch-outs and night-outs indeed do a lot to boost one’s morale after a depressing performance in class.

There’s now so little time to do any other leisurely things, since I also have my tasks in the University Student Council, and my other affiliations, among my priorities. Which, explain why I haven’t been blogging, nor blog-hopping, or anything else leisurely for that matter.

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