Hindi pa guma-graduate sa “prod”

August 19, 2008. I just came home a few hours ago from the first day of shoot of a group of Broadcast Communication and Film majors for a term project short video. Haha. I know, hindi na talaga ako gumraduate sa pag-“bida” sa productions. One semester right after my Mass Comm batchmates in a Broadcast Communication 130 (BC 130) class invited me to act in their production, I’m getting myself into another one. Even if I’ve graduated from Mass Comm! I didn’t ask for it, really. But how could I say no to a role like this: Patrick; law student, fratman, student council president, forced into marriage by unwanted pregnancy, went to the spiritual world to save the unwanted wife, and all-around nice guy (nah, dagdag ko lang ‘yun). It sounds… just like me? (I’m kidding!) Let’s see how this will turn out.

It felt nice being in student production-mode for a day. Relieved me quite of some current stress by reliving my past days as a Mass Comm student. Now I have to go back to Criminal Law readings. Law student pala talaga ako in real life.

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