Vote for!

September 18, 2008. Friends, To those who read my blog, visit it regularly, or whatever, and think I deserve the a Bloggers’ Choice Award, do vote for at the Philippine Blog Awards.

  1. On your blog (at Multiply, BlogSpot, WordPress, wherever it is), tell us why you voted for the nominee (that’s me,!)
  2. Submit your post URL and some basic info to the Philippine Blog Awards committee using this form. Make sure that you provide the COMPLETE URL of the post you created for your vote to be valid.
  3. Once you have submitted your vote post URL, wait for the confirmation from one of our committee members. Please be patient, we will manually go through each and every vote post to make sure it’s valid.

It’s that simple. You also get a chance to win a Nokia N82! Thanks! Ha ha. This is such a popularity contest. It really isn’t a big deal, as I’ve largely ignored it the past days, but since apparently some people did vote for me, I might as well put some effort into it and campaign to solicit some votes so that the first ones don’t go to waste. I’d appreciate it. 🙂

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