Do not disturb

October 5, 2008. Allow me to be a monk for the next two weeks. I shall maintain a degree of separation from all those that will just distract me from my purpose. I shall turn off my cell phone for most of the day, unplug the wireless internet router, and just stay at home or at the library to study. My academic disposition is not very good, my midterm averages for some of my subjects are below 3.0, and as such, I have to take major and extra efforts to ace my exams and ultimately pass my subjects. Mastering hundreds of statutes, provisions, case doctrines and jurisprudence and many other rules and procedures, by reading through thousands of pages is daunting. I’ve never felt so pressured to study for final exams. I never realized how fortunate I was as a high school and even an film student, when a night’s worth of studying, or even relying on stocked knowledge for a final exam would suffice. Ah, those were the days. I never knew how good it was till I stepped into Malcolm Hall.

I know I will laugh at this entry when I’m in my higher years in law school or when I’m about to take the bar, if I pass all the hurdles that is. How pathetic of me to rant like this for my first final exams in law school. [The picture to your right is of my block’s after our final lecture class with Ms. January Sanchez (2004 bar topnotcher), our professor in Legal Method last Saturday morning]

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