Three down, two to go!

October 21, 2008. I’m now struggling to memorize the constitution for our last final examinations this Thursday and Friday. I’m done with Persons & Family Relations (Civil Law), Legal Method (Statutory Construction), and Criminal Law 1. And for more, I even had to take a Political Science 14 final exam last Monday.

Last Saturday, my blockmates and I went out for lunch after our Criminal Law 1 final examinations. It was as if we didn’t have any more examinations left. Well, there were four days before the next one, so we thought it wouldn’t hurt if we would eat, drink and be merry for one afternoon.

We had lunch and a few drinks at Alan’s Grill at the Cubao Expo.

Before I totally forget to blog about it, a few weeks ago, the whole block also went out for lunch for Migs’ birthday. It was his treat, of course. Mukhang magastos mag-birthday sa block B2012, ah. He he he. This one’s at Amici restaurant along Tomas Morato.

Our exam on Friday would be from 4PM to 9PM, beat that. A five hour written examination all about the Philippine Constitution. Shucks.

I shall then be leaving for Davao City first thing Saturday morning by the way to attend a KASAMA sa UP (Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP) National Congress at UP Mindanao. I’ll be back by first thing Tuesday morning, not to go home, but to board a bus right off to Zambales for a USC (University Student Council) semestral planning. I hope there would be some leisure breaks in between. Sigh.

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