Star City with blockmates

Right after having lunch at Tagaytay with my blockmates, we drove back to Manila in under two hours to get to Star City by six in the evening. We didn’t let Enchanted Kingdom’s being closed douse our excitement for rides. For some of my blockmates, it was the first time they’ve been to Star City, while for me it was the second time this year.

Because it was Tuesday evening, the theme park wasn’t too crowded and the lines not long, so we were able to try out some of the rides multiple times. My blockmates and I bought ride-all-you-can tickets so we took advantage of it by going through almost all of the rides, even to all of the horror houses. At the end of the night, we were professing to each other how much more fun Star City was than Enchanted Kingdom.

Because I had just been there a couple of months back, I felt more confident riding the adult rides with my blockmates.

Surf Dance topped our lists of wildest Star City rides. Walang awa talaga. The ride almost literally sweeps you off your feet unapologetically. It randomly twists and turns and throws you off in different directions without allowing you to recover for a brief second. It’s like being on a crashing airplane.

Star Flyer comes in a close second. It is, as of now, the only inverted roller coaster in the country. You ride on seats attached inverted from the tracks, with your feet hanging on air. I don’t remember, though, how many loops it had. My blockmates and I rode it twice. The first one to dispose our apprehensions and fears. We also had a scream-fest at the horror houses.

We also entered Snow World, the park in a giant freezer where there are ice sculptures and ice slides and where temperature is kept at negative fifteen degrees celcius. I wanted to challenge everyone as to who could stay inside longest, unfortunately some of my blockmates were wearing slippers so they rushed out in under five minutes.

As I’ve said in the previous blog entry, I don’t remember having this much wholesome fun in months. Wouldn’t have it again in a couple more as the second semester starts.

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