Establishing a dictatorship

Some of my colleagues in the University Student Council and I joined the youth rally Tuesday last week to condemn the Arroyo administration’s pronouncements of Charter change and term extension. That was the day before the House of Representatives’ Justice Committee junked the latest attempt to unseat President Arroyo through impeachment. We held a short program with the people at Plaza Miranda before snaking around the Quiapo area to encourage people to join the march to Mendiola where we were eventually blocked by the usual police barricade.  

We all know the President has the House of Representatives. And after sowing division among opposition senators (fueled by their own political ambitions) in the Senate, it’s now also effectively hers, too. The Supreme Court is also soon going to be hers with her impending appointment of seven SC Justices, effectively transforming the highest court in the land into an assembly of Arroyo appointees. The military leadership is also hers. The last impeachment attempt before 2010 has been junked. Her Congressional allies are a few votes short of convening a Constituent Assembly to change the Constitution. The entire machinery of the government is effectively at her disposal. Maintaining the loyalty of all these crocodiles, of course, entails an enormous cost on ordinary Filipino taxpayers.

My god, if she’s not establishing a dictatorship, I don’t know what the hell she’s doing. Do you still believe a credible electoral process to change our country’s leadership will happen in 2010? ‘Wag na tayong maghintay. It’s now or never.

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