University convocation

Last December 11, the University Student Council called for a university convocation to discuss pressing campus issues, especially with regard to the Student Regent [Selection Process] Referendum, and to gather inputs form the students on the matter. We were able to request for the campus Chancellor to suspend classes for students that afternoon, so they could freely attend the assembly. Several hundreds were present that day at the NCPAG Assembly Hall.

After the talks by USC Councilor Jaque Eroles, former Student Regent JPaul Manzanilla and present Student Regent Shahana Abdulwahid, representatives from the student councils of CAL (College of Arts & Letters), CMC (College of Mass Communication), CSSP (College of Social Sciences and Philosophy) and NCPAG (National College of Public Adminsitration & Governance) presented the reports of their consultations.

University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08) University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08) University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08) University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08) University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08) University Convocation (Dec. 11, '08)

As expected, as the traditional amendments to the selection process were introduced by the CSSP Student Council and company, the assembly became a venue for the usual debates and the arguments which became heated towards the end.

The assembly was supposed to help the USC form its own comprehensive report to be delivered at the All-UP Student Councils Meeting the next week. We, however, could not come up with anything more comprehensive than simply reporting all the points of arguments and that there is no consensus in Diliman with regard the proposed amendments.

The convocation served as a very mild prelude to the student councils’ assembly the next week. I’ll talk about my own obvious position about the issue on that entry. After the convocation, some students proceeded to march to Malcolm Hall by going around the Academic Oval for the anti-Charter Change candlelight vigil initiated by the UP College of Law.

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