Upsilon Day of Roses and Pictorial 2008

One day every November, the resident fellows convene before dawn at Quezon Hall for an annual frat pictorial ala class picture on the occasion of our anniversary. It has to be taken before half past six in the morning because any later than that and the sun would be high enough to wash out the background. We barely made it on time this year. I’ve been taking the photographs ever since I joined early in 2007.

Every year we also do a Day of Roses once every November where we give thousands of long stemmed pink roses to the girls in campus and serenade them with songs the entire day. It can be embarrassing at times, performing and all, but largely an enjoyable experience seeing all the girls happy, grateful, and amused (I hope). This year we were all in black tops and slacks and red and silver ties. At night we held a free film screning of some romantic comedies with free popcorn and ice cream.

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