Hailey from Belgium

Hailey, the baby girl we foster-cared for a few months before she was taken by her Belgian adopters almost five years ago, was back in the Philippines last weekend with her Belgian family. We treated their family to lunch at SM Mall of Asia.

It’s pretty cool that her Belgian parents are open to introducing Hailey to her roots in the Philippines. Her parents have also, by the way, just adopted another Filipino child. Looks like Hailey has indeed been blessed with a loving and caring family.

Tisay and Hailey clicked quite well, too, even if neither of them spoke the same language. Seeing them screaming, giggling and laughing together was quite cool.

Speaking of Tisay, she’s now back in school. I bring her to her kindergarten within UP every once in a while during my lunch break. It’s quite cute how excited she is every single day for school.

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