It’s been a while

A few weeks ago, I had dinner and drinks with my STAND-UP friends in the outgoing University Student Council. Since our terms are about to end in less than two months, we all decided to go on a ‘farewell’ night out at Conspiracy Bar along Visayas Avenue. There are fourteen of us in USC 2008 (vice-chair, seven councilors, six college representatives) and only three of us were absent that night. It was quite a blast reminiscing and sifting through collective experiences from the student council election campaign all the way through the year, along with our experiences with our colleagues from ALYANSA and KAISA. Ha ha. Oh boy. We ended the night at past five in the morning with personal speeches and messages for everyone.

The next night, I went out with my frat batchmates for a fellowship. It’s also been a while since I went out with them, especially because during the preceding months we were all busy with the election campaigns of our respective political parties, well, among other endeavors. I was never really a fan of drinking myself to numbness, but I always make an exception for my batch. He he.

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