STAND-UP campaign trail ’09 (Part III)

One of the more traditional yet integral parts of the student council election campaign is the dorm tour, where dorm assemblies and debates are held every night at UP Diliman’s numerous dormitories.

For a week, the parties and the candidates go on two dormitory assemblies every night to deliver their campaign line, present their program, plans of action, and well, succumb to whatever questions or tasks the residents ask the candidates to do. Dorm assemblies also serve as opportunities where parties usually get to debate and well, hurl accusations and pose questions and challenges to each other.

Dorm assemblies for each night usually end close to midnight, so whenever the dorm tours start by the second week of the campaign period, that’s when candidates and their campaign teams start losing sleep. We usually get back to the headquarters past midnight, have an assessment meeting, then get to sleep at around 1. That is, if one doesn’t have any school work or reading to do. Then we all have to wake up a few hours later to start another day of campaign at seven in the morning.

Some dormitories make candidates do some amusing, election-unrelated things. I remember last year, at Ipil-Ipil Residence Hall, after introducing ourselves, we were asked to drink one shot of, well, I forget what alcoholic drink that was. And in some of the girls’ dormitories, they make the guys sing. It can get pretty weird, but as a candidate, you have to be prepared.

And of course, I also remember the suck-and-blow game we were asked to do in Yakal Residence Hall last year where all the guys were lined up, with no two party-mates beside each other, and then we were made to pass on to each other a piece of card without the aid of our hands. This year, they did it in Kalayaan Residence Hall, and more amusingly, they made the girls do it, too in Yakal. Ha ha.

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