The block that loves block photos

This is a picture of my law school block taken almost a month ago, as our entry to Portia Sorority’s block photo contest. We didn’t win that one, but having our photo taken as a block was fun enough. The next two photos are last-lecture-class photos with our professors in some subjects. My blockmate Chi did the postcard photoshop-ing effect.

It’s unfortunate they’re implementing deblocking in UP Law starting next school year. That would mean I might not be having classes with my blockmates anymore. They’re part of the reason I am able to barely survive law school despite being out-of-synch with my studies sometimes because of my many extra-curriculars. They’re the ones who encourage me and generously help and accomodate me with things like recitation, digests, and even with the simple pat on the back. All without me asking for it. Hay. Sana nasa UP Law pa ako next sem.

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