Just keep studying

For some days the past two weeks, I’ve been spending half the day at the Main Library in Diliman studying for my exams in UP Law. It’s something I thought of doing just to get away from the usual routine of reading at the Law library, or spending afternoons at fancy coffee shops.

Being among undergrad students bring back a feeling of fondness, and it’s making me look forward to taking my backlog undergraduate subjects this summer. Yes, I wouldn’t be able to have much free time this summer vacation, but I couldn’t care less. There are some things I’m willing to let go of just so I can feel like an undergrad again. Nakaka-miss.

Aside from the Main Library, I’ve also kept myself out of the house every night because I’ve surrendered to the fact that when I’m at home, I really just can’t help but go to sleep on the sofa or on my bed. I’ve been spending long nights the past two weeks with blockmates and brods at various 24-hour coffee shops and fast food restaurants, some of which unfortunately have free wifi access. It works fine for me, anyway–I am not tempted to take long naps, and I am actually able to stay up as late as six in the morning the next day just reading (well, and eating in between, damn). Four of out of our six exams are over. There are two more, exams which are crucial to my stay in UP Law. I fail them, and it’s buh-bye Malcolm Hall. I hope that doesn’t happen. My last major exam, unfortunately (or fortunately, because that gives me a lot of time) is on April 24. Till then, see you all.

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