Kabataang Pinoy, Tayo ang Pagbabago!

Kabataang Pinoy aspires for a Filipino youth that devotes its intellect, energy and courage to building a better future.

Kabataang Pinoy envisions a new society devoid of corruption, inequality and social injustice.

Kabataang Pinoy encourages the youth to work collectively with other sectors to build a bright future. It upholds, promotes and defends the interest of the youth to be able to harness its fullest potential as a sector. It works to unite the Filipino youth to campaign for social, political, economic, cultural and environmental justice in the Philippines, and enjoins youth from all walks of life to foster active participation in good governance, nation-building, and social change.


  1. Empower the youth to take on active participation in good governance, nation-building and social change.
  2. Uphold the youth’s fundamental rights and democratic interests such as accessible education, decent employment and job security, accessible health care, environment, sports, among others.
  3. Assert the youth’s right to decent living, equal opportunities and humane living conditions.
  4. Assert and safeguard national independence, respect for national patrimony, love and loyalty to the country.
  5. Guarantee the participation and representation of the youth in all affairs governance and decision-making bodies of government.

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