B ushers in B

With the new de-blocking system in place at the UP College of Law, the traditional block culture may be gone. Starting this year, only freshmen will get to have the same classmates in all their classes. After their first year, UP Law students can choose their professors and classes individually, through a bidding and registration system similar to US law schools, apparently. There are various reasons to this, as explained by the Dean during his talk with Batch 2012 yesterday. Ultimately it is to give the individual student the privilege to take the classes and the schedule that would best suit his needs that would hopefully result to better performance.

Despite the de-blocking policy, however, my blockmates and I coordinated among each other, and along with other blocks in Batch 2012, in order for original blockmates to remain with each other in our classes this first semester of our second year. I guess most of us have become clingy with each other the past year. Undoubtedly, and speaking from experience, one’s blockmates is one of the more reliable support groups in law school a law student can have. Indeed, the bond that uniquely shared experiences can forge among law students can be strong for some.

For a few days the last week, my blockmates and I have been participating in the freshmen orientation program for the new batch of law students this year. Each block is tasked to orient a freshman block into life in Malcolm Hall, the same way it has been done over the years. It’s cliche, but it feels pretty weird how time flies by quite quickly, and we’re now the ones ushering in the freshmen into law school. In a few days, I shall begin my second year of law studies. (Start of classes were postponed for a week due to the swine flu precautions imposed by the Commission on Higher Education and Department of Health). Hopefully, I get through with it better this year. With stricter academic rules in place in the College, I really have to take this seriously already.

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