Bikoy on QTV’s Qtube

A few months ago, around February I think, someone from QTV 11 called to ask if I was willing to be featured in one of their upcoming shows. I agreed then, and simply asked them to inform me a few days before the day they wanted to have the shoot. It wasn’t until the show, QTube, was finally launched and a few months after their first call, or a few weeks ago, when they called back and said it’s my turn to be featured in one of the show’s segments, Bloggers’ Digest.

Bloggers’ Digest is where they feature interviews with different Filipino bloggers and their personal profiles. Three weekends ago, I had a sit-down interview with their crew at UP Diliman, in front of Palma Hall. I was uneasy at first, but I eventually shrugged the awkwardness off.

We shot some situationers around campus, some where I was pretending to take photographs with my DSLR in the middle of the Lagoon, some with me using my laptop at obscure places like in front of the Oblation at Quezon Hall.

A few days after the first shoot, another set of technical people went to our house to shoot more situationers at home. It was a pretty short feature on me, a little more than three minutes. I was billed in the web teasers as “a young man who dares to go beyond the youthful trappings of Facebook and Multiply and uses the net to let his views be heard loud and proud.” And that was pretty much how the feature went. In sum, what I simply said was that, I guess what makes my blog different or what sets it apart from the thousands of other Filipino blogs on the internet today, is that perhaps no other blog can claim to have witnessed or chronicled almost a decade of a young boy’s life, through his formative years, and the changes he has undergone from being a high school freshman at the Ateneo, to the film student he was in UP, to all his socio-political involvements, and up to his being a law student.

Anyway, do catch QTube, the only show in the country that takes what’s online on-air every Thursdays, 10:15 PM, on QTV 11.

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