The Last Journey of Ninoy

I went to the premiere of “The Last Journey of Ninoy” at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell last night. The film is a docu-drama that highlights different stages in the life of the martyred senator, form his roots as a brash and talented young man, forward to his long and arduous journey as a politician and a private family man, presented as flashbacks weaved together with the last days of his life as he returned to the Philippines from Boston as the narrative spine. Through known and new records, plus valuable memories and insights from wife and ally, Cory, audiences are shown Ninoy’s truest ideals and deepest struggles, his indomitable spirit and faith, as seen through all his hardships and all the hostilities he faced.

Unlike the many documentaries that have been made and screened about Ninoy Aquino, the EDSA Revolution or the Martial Law era, “The Last Journey of Ninoy” allows audiences to witness the narrative without the intrusion of a third party narrator, hence a more intimate experience, as if we are witness to a conversation between the two revered icons. The film is also punctuated by an inspiring message taken from one of Ninoy’s speeches delivered while on “exile” in the US, addressed to every Filipino.

“So long as each one of us should be willing to take on the struggle, even if I am imprisoned, even if I die in prison, so long as you will continue the struggle and carry the torch, then I think we will have a better Philippines. Rather than one carrying the torch, we will have many.”

The film is produced by Benigno S. Aquino Foundation and Unitel. It will have a one-day regular screening in Power Plant Mall on August 21, 2009. ABS-CBN will also air the docu-drama on free TV on August 23, at around 10:30 PM.

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