Gallery: San Juan, Batangas to crisscrossing Zamboanga peninsula

April 23-28, 2014. The past days have been a blur. At the heels of a week-long trip to Australia, I had not fully recovered from disorientation. I had not taken a lot of pictures the past days because my phone’s screen was already a mosaic of shattered pieces of glass precariously held together by some inherent Samsung adhesive, and one crack had covered the front camera. And aside from that, I have been un-inspired, suffering from a specie of ennui the past weeks. I’m not sure why, and I don’t really want to answer the question.

Together with my incoming and outgoing co-officers in the student council, we went to San Juan, Batangas for a beach outing, right before some of us flew to Zamboanga to attend the national convention of the Association of Law Students of the Philippines (ALSP). The trip to Batangas was a comfortable one. I ended up with a big bruise on my buttocks after falling off from the staircase, but it was all fine. The trip to Zamboanga on the other hand was punctuated by such an uncomfortable bus ride from Dipolog to Zamboanga City as we traversed Zamboanga peninsula in an effort to board our flight back to Manila.

We had requested for airplane tickets to Dipolog, the nearest airport to the convention’s venue—Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte. There being only two daily flights to the city, we were booked out of seats as our request was only approved three days before the flight. Perhaps because some people thought Zamboanga is all the same, we were booked in a flight to Zamboanga City instead, which in reality, “Zamboanga” as it is, is more than eight long hours away from Dapitan City. It was a trip from one tip of Zamboanga peninsula to the other.

That being said. It was a good trip. I am charging the uncomfortable bus ride to experience. It is actually something I enjoy, I just feel sorry for my co-officers who had to endure it. We had likewise successfully made a bid for the Presidency of the National Capital Region chapter of the ALSP, in an initial effort to host Conflicts of Law, and some other activities we’re thinking of lining up for the association.


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