Gallery: Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

December 3-6, 2015After spending an overwhelming part of the year preparing for the bar exams and actually taking them through November, a trip to Hong Kong (probably the nearest foreign destination for residents of Manila) seemed to be a great idea, at least for someone like me who enjoys traveling.

It had been four years since my last trip to Hong Kong with my family and much of it was spent in HK Disneyland. For the first two days of this particular sojourn, I had the privilege of going about my way alone, unhampered by any packaged itinerary or the whims of travel companions.

HK 13

For the next two days, I had the pleasure of the company of my mother, my brother and my sister who flew in for the weekend. My father opted to stay in Manila.

My trip was punctuated with the awesome company of a new friend from Singapore.

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