Ani mo, day 1

After the first three periods, we had the interdisciplinary contest. As usual, my class didn’t do well at the beginning, ending at the 15th spot out of 15 sections, after the easy round. But admirable as we are (are we?), we were able to lift our reputation as a semi-honors class and ended up 5th. That’s okay.

interdisciplinary contest After that contest was more than an hour of break time. The next event was paskong pinoy when we were supposed to decorate the halls of our classroom like a two-dimensional parol.

As usual, the first ten minutes of the allotted time was spent on useless nothings. Most of the people in class stayed in the room, and waited to be called by our more “diligent” classmates. What’s annoying is, once some of my classmates have done some little contribution, they immediately went back in the room and did nothing else to help. More annoying is, when our moderator arrived two hours later, everybody just went out of the classroom and contributed to the mayhem that was outside (probably just to show that they were participating). Even more annoying than that, once everything was done and all we had to do was to clean up, they just went back in and avoided the job. Haha!

paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy paskong pinoy

Tada… This is the finished product. I highly doubt our class will place though. It’s impressive when looked at the right context. Otherwise, it looks like slipshod work.

paskong pinoy

Need of some anger management

we were sent out during physics class

Just before Physics class at the IR2. Wyson, a classmate, saw their group’s long test score and announced it to the class. A couple of people approached the desk beside my seat, where our Physics teacher left those long tests (Wyson and I seat beside each other), hence created a commotion. Our Physics teacher entered the room and bursted in curses screams. As in, hard curses. He accused us of meddling with his things! He shouted at everyone in the classroom at that time and ordered us to get out (lucky for those who were late — which was half the class).

How irrational! In the first place, a lot of the people he sent out weren’t looking at the test papers and were just unlucky to have entered the classroom early, together with those who really looked at the papers. I looked at the papers too but that was because they were beside my seat! And after all, no one even touched those papers, walang nakialam! As a result, we spent the entire period in our classroom. (At least we had free time). As long as our Physics teacher doesn’t sanction us for this, I’m content with keeping this resentment not do anything about it. I couldn’t care less, as long as I know none of us did anything wrong, or even anything he accused us of doing. He seriously needs to attend some anger management course. I’m upset. I’ve NEVER BEEN sent out of a room my entire life.

Let’s wait for her other Cabinet members

So, Former DTI Sec. Mar Roxas is running for senator, as announced. See? All the long while his “Mr. Palengke” commercial aired was a very obvious indication of his plans. How else can a consumer welfare month last from the beginning of October to the end of November (that’s two months). The central idea of the public service message was not even on the bogus consumer welfare month and was instead on how pogi Secretary Roxas is. He said he opted to resign to prevent any accusations of campaigning using public funds. Goodness, he did just that the whole two months this public service message aired! Sec. Manuel Roxas III graduated from the Ateneo de Manila High School. Just like a lot of our current politicians and government officials.

(My article in the second issue of Hilites Magazine is about Atenean politicians, read it).

On another note, Sec. Joey Lina has announced that he won’t be running for senator anymore as previously planned. Aw, too bad. All those public service messages promoting his crime-busting actions have gone to waste. Poor taxpayers.

The role I want to play

I want to play the role of the freeloader next time. You know how annoying it is for me when some classmates of mine feel and act so complacent and relaxed every single time they get grouped with me? Like, I would take care of everything, everything’s considered handled. It’s been like this since the beginning! Now that I’ve grown weary and tired towards the plight for class unity, I can’t tolerate this as I’ve always done before.

Class outing 2: Lunch at the backwaters

For our last day in Pangasinan, we had lunch at the de Venecias’ fish ponds at the backwaters of Dagupan. To get there, we had to ride bancas through a labyrinth of canals and fishponds. Jose de Venecia and Roberto Pagdanganan in front of TV crew Before going to the lunch place, DAR Secretary Pagdanganan came over at the de Venecias’ estate. He is believed to have plans of running for senator next year (he lost the last time he ran). After eating lunch, some of my classmate toured the backwaters with Toff. I on the other hand, the curious eavesdropper I am, joined the press people at their interview with Mr. and Mrs. de Venecia. Mrs. Gina de Venecia is planning to run for senator next year under the ruling administration party. According to her, her platform is based on the promotion of the welfare of the children and the women of the Philippines.

bancas under the bridge classmates onboard the bancas classmates onboard the bancas fishermen tending fishpen classmates onboard the banca banca passing through canals

classmates on the banca

Rene and Toff classmates eating lunch

Mrs. de Venecia with grastronomically satisfied press people, uhuh

Class outing 2: San Fabian beach

The next day, November 30, 2003. We all went to San Fabian and spent the first half of the day basking under the sun frolicking in the light-brown colored sand of the beach. The sand was fine, but maybe people just got too used to white sand, that some of us didn’t appreciate the beach at all. Of course, the kid in me took over, and I spent the entire time, digging canals, moats and a castle on the sand. Some of my classmates were also building castles. Some were just walking around, some were burrying Raf under the sand, some just stayed under the umbrella and didn’t move an inch.

classmates at the beach

classmates at the beach Rene at the beach
Joseph at the beach

Raf being burried under the sand classmates burrying Raf under the sand classmates burrying Raf under the sand classmates burrying Raf under the sand classmates at the beach classmates at the beach

little girl with a sand castle

classmates at the beach Skip, Wyson and Jayo at the beach

Class outing 2: Kids, promote parliamentary-form of government and GMA

Even later that afternoon, I, together with some few classmates and Toff, had a conversation with her mom, Mrs. Gina de Venecia over champorado and some sort of stringy dried fish reputably, according to Mr. de Venecia, one of the most expensive kinds of fishes in the market costing at about 1,000 pesos per kilo.

Anyway, after our light discussions, Mrs. de Venecia invited her husband to join the table and asked our other classmates to gather around too, this time over halo-halo and a huge bilao of pansit palabok with bits of talaba. The dialogue was mostly about politics, politics and more politics. Mr. de Venecia practically talked to us as if we were press people in a press conference. He kept talking about parliament and consistency in government that’s why we should re-elect Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo as president. Of course, many of my classmates are apathetic and among those who aren’t, Mrs. Arroyo is not that popular. We also had our say.

Mr. and Mrs. de Venecia had some rebuttals. They asked us why we are in favor of the other candidates for president. In the end, it’s still the same. I mean, they express depression over the fact that people base their votes on candidates’ personalities and little on accomplishments but the thing is, they also defended Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo by attacking the personality of her political rivals Roco, Lacson and Poe.

It’s sad, the discussions were about the elections and the candidates’ personalities, not the issues. Sometimes, it’s hard to grasp Mr. de Venecia’s rationale especially when he talked about why we should change to parliamentary form of government. He sounds really intelligent though. The discussion ended with Mrs. de Venecia asking us what we think would help Mrs. Arroyo improve her image and win the elections.

Jose de Venecia, Gina de Venecia and Christopher de Venecia Jose de Venecia, Gina de Venecia and Christopher de Venecia

Class outing 2: Joe and his fishes

We got back at the de Venecia estate the same time House Speaker de Venecia arrived on a helicopter. After an hour of resting, he invited us to a tour of his fishponds. Apparently, he is on a private endeavor to culture new breeds of agricultural fishes. He allowed us to feed the fishes in his ponds and explained to us that once his group has successfully bred the fishes, they are going to be distributed to the poor families in Pangasinan as livelihood assistance.

de Venecia fisheries

de Venecia and Jess de Venecia feeding his fishes de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates trabahador of de Venecia Rene with de Venecia de Venecia feeding his fishes

the NEW de Venecia mansion beside one of their fish ponds

This fishpond is right beside the de Venecias’ new mansion.

fish pond with kois fishpond breeding ulang prawns de Venecia and classmates de Venecia and classmates