“No Boundaries” showing Oct. 2-4

Finally, after a couple of re-shoots, Ali and Mimi’s production is almost done. I hope when we said it was a wrap, it really was a wrap. I’m afraid I don’t have time for another one… Anyway, this, again, is for a Broadcast Communication (BC) 130 class production. If you might remember, my Mass Comm batchmates who were students in the same subject last year invited me to act, too, in a short production called Lloyd of All Trades. Yes, it was the one with the “infamous” split-second butt-exposure shot.

Anyway, this one’s less scandalous, and a lot more well, romantic and cheesy. The poster might give off the idea that the love story is between me and the kid. NO! It isn’t. According to the script, it’s a “love story that even time stood still for.” He he he.

For those who want to see it, among other Broadcast Communication 130 productions, screening schedule at the College of Mass Communication is as follows: October 2 (Thursday) 1:00 – 4:30 PM | October 3 (Friday) 10:00-12:30 PM; 2:00-4:30 PM | October 4 (Saturday) 10:00-12:30 PM; 2:00-4:30 PM | October 10 (Friday) Awards Night; 6:00-10:00 PM

They start calling me Lloyd now

iBox Awards Night, 14k Productions, Lloyd of All Trades

I’ve somewhat envied how Broad Comm students promote and market their productions. Annually, as part of some of their courses’ curricula, they hold festivals, screenings and even awards nights. I’ve always thought Film student productions deserve as much attention. I don’t know, perhaps we Film students are oriented not to treat our works of art as commercially as broadcast productions. I wasn’t expecting the publicity to go such a long way, but I heard the screening drew quite a crowd. If one of my blog entries is an indicator, it seems some UP bloggers even got to see it. It gets pretty weird when, days after the screening, random people ask if I’m Lloyd. Whew. Perhaps it was because of that shot. When Lloyd of All Trades was being screened last October 5, I intentionally missed the three show times. I was not confident enough to show up among the audience and watch myself on screen. And perhaps I was not ready to witness how audiences would react, especially with that embarrassing butt-exposure scene.

A Saturday ago, I attended the Broad Comm 130 classes’ awards night. I wasn’t keen on attending, but due to the prodding of my friends, I decided to go anyway. It was a rewarding experience, despite my not winning the best performance award. Going through the awards night experience with the members of 14k Productions and my other friends in Broad Comm was enough validation. I still feel so honored to be part of their success. Thank you for the experience, the trust and support. Congratulations, everyone!

I’m all around prematurely

October 3, 2007. Posters of Lloyd of All Trades seem to have been plastered on numerous bulletin boards around UP. And I’ve been getting quite some attention from some people. I wish my BC 130 friends chose a more flattering picture, hehe. Oh well, I don’t think there is much I can expect on how humiliating I look when I’m wearing tight jeans and holding a feather duster and a make-up brush. I’ve also seen the pre-final cut when they asked me for a final dubbing session. As always, I cringe when I see myself on screen, it borders disgust sometimes. It’s like I don’t recognize myself. For what it’s worth, at least the butt exposure part was just less than a second. Whew!

It’s the last week of regular classes. As much as I would like to look forward to the semestral break, there’s not much of a break to look forward to, as duties and responsibilities in some of my affiliations shall continue. I shall try to make the most out of it without feeling as burned out as ever.

Dressing in drag was not enough

September 05, 2007. Last Wednesday, as a response to some prodding from a few friends in Mass Comm, I auditioned for a Broad Comm 130 class’ “dramedy” pilot episode. I auditioned for the lead role of Lloyd, who, according to the audition ad, was supposed to be a young college freshman who has an expressive face and an innocent appeal. Fair enough, sounds just like me (what?).

When I went to the auditions on Wednesday morning, I found out more about the story, and found myself glad to be auditioning for it, because it tackles an issue close to what we do in STAND-UP. I eventually got the role.

Lloyd’s supposed to be a freshman on the brink of dropping out of school because of financial difficulties due to the tuition and other fee increases (TOFI) imposed on their batch. To save himself from dropping out and from being kicked out of his boarding house, he decides to take on jobs to earn money. Unfortunately for me, one of those jobs turns out to be a nude modeling stint for an art class. I was assured however, that, I need not strip all the way during the shoot. Whew.

But then, yesterday afternoon, a friend of mine from the BC 130 class approached me and revealed that they’ve decided to include a whole body shot after all. In short, I’ll really be in my birthday suit. Oh boy, the things I get myself into. And this pilot episode is to be launched with a concert and all that she-bang, and they even plan to air it on UniversiTV.

No camwhore

October 5, 2006. I’m rarely in pictures, because everyone expects me to be the one taking pictures. But then, thanks to other friends who also have cameras, like Patty Lazatin, I get to be in pictures once in a while.

This one was taken in front of Kamia Residence Hall last September 25. Before going home from a student council meeting, I decided to drop by and hang out with UP MCO friends. There was some sort of a mini-fair at Kamia.

This one was taken last September 20 at Quezon Hall. We had a college yearbook pictorial.

Lagari ako noong araw na ‘yon. Since I had three affiliations in Mass Comm, I had to be in three pictorials. And then I had to attend a scriptwriting workshop thing. Then I had to rush memorizing my lines for the live TV comedy production of Wap and Erol that afternoon. Then, later that afternoon, I had to rehearse for another production the next day.

I should minor in this

October 4, 2006. Another thing that kept me busy the past weeks was acting for my friends’ live drama and comedy productions for their TV production classes. Hm, now that I’ve come to think of it–I probably spent more time rehearsing, memorizing lines and attending pictorials and live shoots than attending to my own, well, academic requirements.

All’s well though. I actually enjoy this kind of thing and it’s not as if I neglected all my other responsibilities. It’s just a matter of time management. No pictures, unfortunately.

Girls born the same day

September 16, 2006. 11:50 AM. I’m at the tambayan of UP Writer’s Club at CAL. We just finished shooting the OBB and VTR at the lagoon for Kacey’s live TV drama production on Thursday. My co-actor, Surot, is a member of UP WC. We’re supposed to be a Maranao couple and we were dressed accordingly. It’s pretty amusing, actually.

Speaking of my batchmates’ TV production final projects, Wap also got me for her group’s live comedy production on Wednesday. I’m with Max and Krystel on that one. I’m also playing roles in Ely and Christer’s final TV production. Is this a career?

September 17, 2006. 7:24 PM. I’m here in Puregold (some warehouse grocery) near our home running an errand for my mom. Ang tagal ng sales assistant kunin yung pinapakuha kong box of liquor.

I went to Joan’s birthday celebration last night at their Novaliches residence. Joan is a good friend from elementary school. Some of my elementary friends were there. It was very nice to see them again after a while.

I went with Mama today to Bulacan. We stayed at the grocery the entire day.

September 18, 2006. 1:51 PM. I’m in class right now. As usual, Mr. Avecilla isn’t around yet. He usually comes to class an hour to two hours late. He once said his being late is simply a function of his being what a government employee is–inefficient.

I rushed some council publicity materials this morning. Dropped by Ayeen’s boarding house to do something with her laptop. Went to the Shopping Center to have the posters printed, then to Vinzons to have them stamped and approved. The students’ affair office was closed when I got there so I just hung out at the lobby where the Philippine Collegian was about to hold a press conference.

I needed to go back to Mass Comm, though, for a rehearsal for Wap’s live TV sitcom on Wednesday. After that, I rushed to Cine Adarna with my Film 113 groupmates to speak with our lecturer for our productiun reshoot tomorrow.

We’re still waiting for Avecilla to arrive. It’s past two and I’m hungry. I forgot to have lunch and I’m not keen on going out for fear of being caught out and locked out of class.

*encoded from my PDA

Wake me up when everything’s over

September 13, 2006. When I got myself a PDA a few days ago to help me organize my very hectic academic and extra-curricular college life, I thought I would finally be able to keep my stress level tolerable. Still, things just had to go wrong.

First, I actually just came home from our Film 113 shoot, which went almost six hours behind schedule because of various circumstances. And that’s not all. We have to reshoot a couple of sequences on Tuesday, which means additional time and expenses. Boy, you should have an idea how stressful shoots can be.

I’m also stressing over various commitments with people in Mass Comm. I have a problem of always saying yes to people who ask me for favors. So I said yes to a lot of people and at the end of the day, I find myself tied up in commitments left and right. Student council, doing acting stints, keeping active membership status in two organizations, political work, keeping up with family and friends. Boy, right now, I just want to vanish and hibernate somewhere where no one will find me! I barely even have time for myself, rest and spend some leisure time, or to even do my own academic work.

The worst thing (for now) is this. This may make me sound shallow and materialistic–My personal computer died out on me tonight. With it are thousands of photographs, hundreds of documents, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, etcetera. For a PC-dependent college student human being like me, it’s like doomsday. My personal computer is an extension of my life! For now, while I try to re-organize my college life without my computer, my blogging will have to be my least priority. So that means, don’t expect me to update soon or often. *I’m using my mother’s laptop right now

Full the string to stop

traffic at Commonwealth Avenue

You know how the government destroys patches of road that looks perfectly fine and then rebuilding them again? They call that maintenance. I see that as wasting government funds in projects that reek in corruption. It also causes traffic, even at the country’s widest avenue, even if kids are already off from school for their summer vacation.

My supposed 5-minute jeepney ride was prolonged to a 40-minute wait inside a crowded jeepney on a hot and humid summer night. Anyway, there was also a sign in the jeepney which read, “Full the string to stop.” I wanted to take a picture of it, but was wary of taking out my digital SLR just like that.

I came from school, from a student council-faculty meeting with the new college dean. It was a long two-hour meeting but it was fruitful. I’m really excited to help in making things work in Mass Comm even with the lack of capital funds among other problems. (Yea, yea, initial optimism and all that). Me and my colleagues are sem-planning the student council activities tomorrow too. Before that (okay, I’m backtracking now), I was at Jerwin’s apartment for the re-dubbing of their thesis short film. It was the first time for me to watch the final cut. Ang galing! The musical score was great. [Will it sound too self-serving for me if I say I am satisfied with my performance as well? Even Ma’m Gigi recognized my acting at the student council-faculty meeting].

Even before that, I came from Bulacan, where I spent the first half of the day helping out in our store. I commuted by myself, for the second time, without much hassle. But I shouldn’t get used to it, or else my mom will ask me to commute all the time!

Second month

February 8, 2006. THANK YOU, SQUEALER. Yesterday, while on a UP-Katipunan jeep on my way to MassComm, a lady broke the silence. “Ma’! ‘Wag mo ngang kalikutin ‘yang bag niya!” she blurted, referring to a guy who’s sitting beside a Korean-looking lady in front of her. The other passengers just… watched for a minute the sudden commotion. Cool, eskandalo, exciting, I thought!

The guy got startled and muttered, “Anong pinagsasabi nito?” all while avoiding eye contact with the lady. “Magnanakaw ka! Dinukutan mo ‘ko dati!” The guy nervously retorted, “Ano’ng pinagsasabi mo d’yan. Wala akong alam d’yan…” “Anong wala! Mandurukot ka!”

At that point, the guy tapped on the jeepney’s ceiling to signal the driver to stop. The jeepney didn’t stop though. He just walked off the aisle and jumped off the jeepney while it was moving.

SANGANGDAAN, LITERALLY. Last night, there was a second shoot for ES’ and Jerwin’s short film thesis. It involved me, driving. I haven’t driven a vehicle in months. It was supposed to be a car accident scene. Of course, we didn’t have to really crash the cars. That would’ve been ridiculous.

18TH BIRTHDAY. I had an fairly uneventful but all right birthday. I’m happy, I guess. I don’t know if I should write about it. I’ll just keep it to myself for now. Anyway, I appreciate birthday greetings, really. Thank you to all!

ELECTIONS. Attended the STAND-UP primaries last Thursday. I was introduced as a nominee for film representative. At first I was sort of intimidated. But I got along nonetheless, I guess. On Friday, I was briefed about the party and the platform and the history and all that. Beforehand, I was having apprehensions about running under STAND-UP plus I was also being invited to run as independent among other independent candidates. I was really having second thoughts. But I realized, I’m in the right place.