UST BarOps Salubong and Post-Bar Dinner

2014 UST Bar Ops Salubong

October 27, 2013. It was the last Sunday for the year’s bar examinations. True to tradition, the student body through the bar operations committee and the student council, staged the salubong after our bar candidates finished their last exams. This year, we hired a fire truck and had a street foam party, together with the UST Yellow Jackets pumping their proud beats as we all celebrated the end of the bar examinations month.

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Weekend notes – September 07, 2009

I spent almost the entire day last Sunday sleeping. Due to several unexpected circumstances, I was barely able to sleep the day before. I started my Saturday early, reading through some materials for a bill I was drafting for Kabataan Partylist. Spent the afternoon at Kabab Korner along Matalino St. with Airah, my co-officer in the legislative staff. It was the first time I spent the afternoon at the place, and it turned out to be a pretty decent experience as there was barely anyone else around and there was free wifi access. I was able to finish the first draft of the bill by the end of the afternoon. The bill, by the way, is a magna carta of sorts for workers in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry, who are mostly call center agents. Hopefully, we will be able to file it within this week, or the next.

This weekend also marked the start of the bar exam season. Last Saturday night I went to Manila to pass by the bar operations (bar ops) of my fraternity and of UP Law. I was supposed to leave by midnight, but I ended up doing some legwork the entire night till that morning. Stationed at the Century Park hotel, every hour or so, I was running up and down, in an around the hotel getting tips from sources and slipping copies of the tips under the door of our bar candidates’ rooms. I didn’t expect myself to be doing this after three years in the frat, but all’s well in frat work.

In between, I was able to lounge at one of the rooms we were able to reserve. Also one of my consolations was that I was able to get one of the breakfast buffet stubs which I took advantage of Sunday morning before retiring and going home.

A few days before, in one of my visits to Malcolm Hall, I bumped into some of my law blockmates. As it turns out, a lot, ranging from the interesting to the intriguing, has been happening around the college and among our batchmates in the Class of 2012.

I’ve been dropping by Malcolm Hall these past few days to finalize my clearance papers. Last Thursday I received a TCG (true copy of grades), and to my surprise, the subject I was supposed to have failed which was why I got dismissed from the college turned out to be a pass, not a fail. I honestly didn’t know what to feel. Glad, because I am not dismissed after all and I will be able to continue my law studies in UP? At a loss, because having had the wrong assumption, I started skipping my classes altogether and dropped them? For a while then, there was rush of emotions. I did feel glad, but I felt largely confused as to what my fate would be. I had already started work in Congress, I had already started establishing a small business, I had committed myself to a TV show, among other things, all in the assumption that I was dismissed from law school.

As it turned out, it was a false alarm, due to a glitch in the computer system. It was a sad reminder that I was indeed out of UP Law, but nonetheless a relief that all the plans I had drawn since my dropping out will push through. The past few days, I have realized the reality in the adage that when one door closes, a window of other opportunities open for people who recognize them. Again, all is well with me for now.