On China and Filipino leftists

Those who maliciously link present Chinese government to Filipino leftists are being dishonest. They should know very well that China abandoned its socialist project after the Cultural Revolution in the late 70’s and how the Chinese government has disowned and condemned local communists and persecuted leftists and activists in their own backyard.

If they’re looking for counterparts of Chinese leaders now, they only need to look among the revisionists and roaders and right-wingers among their colleagues. Chinese “communists” even claimed maintaining good relations with the trapo mainstream parties in the Philippines such as the Liberal Party of the Aquino administration.

These people should likewise make up their minds. In same breath they challenge us to follow China’s capitalist reforms and yet accuse us of being on the payroll of the Chinese “communists.” Nothing but malicious bullshit from those out to malign the persistent relevance of the Philippine Left.

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Reason is with us

November 29, 2007. We have all the reasons to oust this administration. Read the open letter of the renegade soldiers and all the premises for this rebellion are so real and blatant–from election rigging, to the national broadband scam, to brownbag payoffs, I don’t know how any sane person can stand it. Pero, tulad nga ng isang text na natanggap ko. Tao sa lansangan at hindi mga sundalo sa hotel ang mapagpasya sa isang democratic struggle. Trillanes and company had the right reasons, but the wrong methods.

However, I wouldn’t call Senator Trillanes and company, for all their noble intentions, crazy as many of our middle class netizens have said in their blogs and in comments. But you know what, I’d rather call people who refuse to admit that something’s terribly wrong in this administration crazier. I don’t even know what to call people who know how rotten this administration is but would rather go on and live their comfortable lives because they can afford it. What with all other avenues closed, mass action is our only recourse. Ano pa bang vague na ‘other ways’ and sinasabi-sabi ng iba d’yan? No matter how you spin it, they all lead to the tolerance of all this administration’s crimes. Wait till 2010? Give me a break. Tomorrow we commemorate Andres Bonifacio and the revolution he began.

People’s SONA protest

I went to my first State of the Nation counter rally last Monday. The campus chancellor apparently suspended classes in the university the previous night so I thought there wouldn’t be a big delegation of UP students to the People’s SONA rally of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN). It turned out otherwise.

By the way, isn’t so insulting how congressmen and congresswomen together with their families turn the State of the Nation Address of the President into such an extravagant pageant of expensive jewelries and gowns. Similarly disgusting is how some publishers and news networks feature our elite’s rude display of ostentation in an event that’s supposed to lay out the “state of the nation”. Also, must we be so gullible again and again? The President’s supporters have been using the same apologetics and rhetorics over and over again. It’s like they’re forever trying to make people hope and dream for national progress and prosperity that will never realize in such a crooked and corrupt system.

View photos from the People’s SONA rally here

They want it so bad

December 6, 2006. I really find it very astounding how badly our congressmen want to change our Constitution. Imagine, the insensitivity of shortcutting all the procedures, in a time when part of our country is just reeling from a terrible calamity, all in the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping.

Unbelievable. And they will be back at it by this afternoon. I wonder how things will turn out. These are the times I’m actually counting on the opposition to represent all those who dissent this incredulously dubious feat. I have not against a systematic overhaul of our political system. But if these congressmen will be the same parliamentarians in the new order–then, there is no new order. This, aside from other less discussed issues within the proposed amendments, is what makes me oppose Charter Change, as proposed by the House of Representatives.

During high school, whenever Speaker Jose de Venecia would be present at class gatherings, he would be made to talk, and when you make him talk, all he talks about are the virtues of a parliamentary form of government. When we had a class outing at their Pangasinan estate, he talked to us over merienda and, yes, he talked about the parliamentary form of government, aside from propping up the candidacy of President Gloria Arroyo.

This was three years ago. And even when I browse through newspaper archives at the main library (for amusement, I’m weird like that), it appears that Mr. de Venecia has been at it for more than a decade. Sometimes I’d force myself to suspend all doubts and believe that all his efforts are indeed selfless acts for the country. But, I’m sorry, I just can’t. Apologies to a good friend from high school for these opinion against his father.

The economy is improving!

November 3, 2006. The administration will surely play the economy card come election period. Perceived to be unpopular and bound for an election defeat due to countless political controversies, I’m betting administration candidates will try their best to paint a good picture of the economy, what with the rise of the peso, upgrades in the country’s credit outlook and supposed monthly budget surpluses, and then they’ll continue to harp positive numbers to back them up.

Second world my ass. I cannot comprehend nor reconcile such numbers with the fact that a fourth of our population still live on 36 pesos a day (and this is only refering a poverty threshold at its barest minimum) and that incidents of hunger are its highest in years. How are these numerical increases in credit outlook or peso-to-dollar values relevant to common Filipinos?

My economics, conservative and bourgeois friends always argue with me with this. To them, such numbers are significant and relevant. They tell me I should wait for the benefits to trickle down to the masses. In the first place, there’s something wrong with that statement. Are the poor confined to be left waiting for just spoils to trickle down to them? The people are supposed to be the foremost beneficiaries of improved social services due to such credit outlook upgrades. Not bureaucrat capitalists nor the already-rich ruling class.

The way I see it, this credit outlook upgrade only allows the government to borrow more money, which supposedly in turn brings about more state investments in social services, right? But that’s not really happening, is it? Where does increased credit go? Corruption thrives in this administration.

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Shall she stay?

October 22, 2006. Gloria Arroyo is hellbent on staying in power and crushing all resistance. Activists and journalists are being killed by the day, libel suits are being filed against critics, T

o limit the growth of the resistance, she continues to hypnotize people into “moving on” and tries to paint a rosy picture of the economy despite current low-profile government statistics proving that a quarter of the entire population live on just 36 pesos a day. Then there they go creating a public perception that there is an overwhelming threat of terrorism by bombing remote markets and killing a few people and circulating terrifying text messages in the metro–all so they could justify passing an “Anti-Terrorism Bill” which provides her government the authority to trample upon, on their discretion, the civil liberties we are entitled to.

And then of course there’s their ovewhelming desire to change the Constitution as soon as possible into one that not only entrenches the current administration congressmen’s hold on power but also obeys ‘suggestions’ of foreign financial institutions and the United States to allow foreign control on our basic social services and the media. All so that the administration, in the name of the Philippine government, could borrow more money to pocket.

And because there is the threat that the administration will lose control of Congress and of local governments in next year’s elections, they continue to refuse to revamp the Commission on Elections and implement real electoral reforms. They have also recently allocated billions of pesos for dubious feeding programs aside from their pork barrels to ensure a massive election warchest. And, as manifested recently by Makati Mayor J. Binay’s suspicion, they have begun neutralizing and demonizing opposition politicians months before the elections.

To ensure the support of army generals, she has saturated our civil bureaucracy with retired army and police generals, and has repaid those who helped her cheat in the 2004 elections. From appointing Gen. Esperon as Army Chief to appointing retired generals and policemen to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, to the Department of Public Works and Highways, to the Department of Transporation and Communication, and until recently she has invited a former army chief, General Senga, to head the National Broadcasting Network, a government TV station, and former police general Thompson Lantion, to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

It’s scary. This administration sure has some good political strategists. Arroyo is indeed a Marcos, a Louis Napoleon, and a Hitler in the making. Heed the warnings. Don’t fall for administration propaganda. Preserve the resistance. Additional reading: Arroyo Moves Underscore That Resistance is Indeed Futile by Manuel Quezon III