Rainy CAT day

I forgot to have my hair properly cut for CAT today. So during lunch time, I rushed off to a barbershop in Katipunan. I got there at about 12:30 and found tens of other seniors having their hair cut to avoid sanctions. Haha.

Anyway, I was able to get back to school before CAT period began. It was drizzling the whole day so we didn’t spend that much time at the field. We spent most of the time in our classroom, supposedly discussing our interflight competitions next month. Yah right!

Cid and Rene Josh, Miko, Jona
Pendix, Mon, Gameboy Skip and Toff

Jess and JacobWhat they’re playing… Hm, I don’t know what it’s called. But here’s how I could describe it. Well, both players have liquid glue on their index fingers. They clasp each other’s hands and try to hit the opponent with their gluey finger while trying to evade his opponent’s same attempt.

A cadet does not steal

In one of the food stalls at our cafeteria, they give you these food stubs after you pay, which you show and return to the counter to receive the meal that you ordered. Last Monday, I paid for and received food at a certain food stall, but was not asked for my food stub. If I was myself that time, I would’ve returned it and ignored the personnels’ negligence. But peer pressure did me and I kept the food stub, good for another use. My conscience strangled me for hours so I just gave away the food stub to one of my classmates to relieve me of some of the baggage. Okay, now some people have something bad against me ready to be slung at me at their convenience. In a group of people where personalities are used to pursue arguments, my credibilty has gone down a couple of notches. Today we had one of our most physically strenuous CAT sessions. But it’s not that bad. The training is so much lighter than that of the NCO course (where I lasted more than a month). And it’s so much more fun having the whole batch sympathizing with your exhaustion.

Roasted boys

CAT was hell. Literally. Today was unusually hot (or it may be just because I haven’t stayed under the torrid sun for that long). We were like baking in a giant oven humid with evaporated sweat (from our bodies and from the grass of the CAT field). What’s more annoying, the school shuttle didn’t pick us up. Tired as I was, I was forced to commute again to get home.

Paracetamol barely works

The thing I hate about having headaches is not the fact that I get to vomit everything I’ve eaten for the day, it’s the fact that it paralyzes me to a state of inactivity. I had a headache yesterday and I wasn’t able to do all my homeworks.

I woke up a little bit past midnight and typed away. The thing I’ve got to remember though is that I didn’t have any printer at home as of the moment. So I asked my mom to print my English essay at her office and have it sent to me before Recess. That’s why I hate headaches.

Ateneo lost yesterday! About time to burst some overgrown egos!

CAT has been quite fun the past weeks because of the CAT Olympics. We would often spent minutes just sitting on the grassy field as a class under the torrid sun with tens of flying dragonflies and nothing to do. Hehe. We won the push-up and wheelbarrow contests courtesy of Cortez’s amazing muscular skill. Wohoo.

My mom dragged me to bowling tonight. Frustrating. It’s been a while.

Now to wait and hope

I talked to my mom about the Japan exchange-student program I tried to apply for this December. I was surprised she was eager at encouraging me to go through with it. I felt very uneasy because if I go through with it, I will miss Christmas here in the Philippines with them. Apparently, if ever… they’ll just follow me there for Christmas day, she said. I don’t know. I’m glad that they will, but it sounds too impractical. Now I’m even more excited. I’m less worried. Now all I have to hope for is that I get accepted into the one-month program. I just got another 3 x 4 white-side wall haircut tonight for tomorrow’s CAT haircut inspection. Agh. I don’t really mind. I’m one of the most authority-obedient students you’ll see around. But I admit I would be really glad if this one rule is scrapped out. I don’t get its sense.