Sta. Maria town fiesta 2008

Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan

If my birthday doesn’t fall on the day of our town’s fiesta, it falls a few days before or after the celebration held every first Thursday of February. I spent some hours during the day in Sta. Maria, Bulacan last February 7 before going to my late afternoon class and took it as an opportunity to stroll around and take some pictures. Traffic in the poblacion, and in the highway around the Bocaue area is terrible whenever it’s fiesta day. Ambulant vendors, flea markets and thousands of pedestrians are all over the streets. It can get pretty frustrating, especially when you’re driving into and out of town, but it actually makes the environment feel quite festive.

Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan Sta. Maria, Bulacan

After my late afternoon class that always last four hours into the evening, I invited some friends to come with me back to Sta. Maria and have dinner at our place. As expected, we were stuck in heavy traffic on our way. However, watching the spectacular fireworks display that went off while we were on the road made the wait in traffic and the frustrated hunger bearable.

Driving an FHM cover girl

My mom, in an effort to market and promote her salon, and to help the barangay’s youth council, sponsored the appearance of Jamilla Obispo and Edgar Allan, um… Guzman (?) during last weekend’s annual sagala in our part of town. It’s the time of the year when girls and some drag queens, who feel like it, dress up and walk all around town in an evening parade, with brass marching bands and many fireworks.

It’s also when young girls and boys get forced by their parents to get made up and dressed to be shown off like some trophies. Whew, I remember being an escort in one of these parades years ago when I was an ignorant preschooler.

As expected, people trooped to the streets to see the celebrities, and some of the local girls. Lots of people in this town would troop to the plaza just to see even someone like Jimmy Santos or Pokwang or Chokoleit. It’s crazy. Watching spectators was a spectacle for me. I wasn’t able to take that much pictures, however.

Organizer daw

I only had barely two hours of sleep because of the previous night’s fraternity ball, among other things–but I had to get up and dash to Makati to meet up with the crew that will cover the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila. I took the MRT route, and I was able to make it by call time, in under one hour.

We were given privileged “organizer” ID’s by the Manila Broadcasting Company so we were able to access areas normally off limits to other press and media people. I felt quite guilty for a while especially during the afternoon when we were all at Quirino Grandstand. While all the other photographers were being scorched dry under the heat of the sun, I was at the stage platform shooting away under a shade. Every other photographer had better cameras and lenses than me anyway. Yes, I felt quite insecure too. Hehe. I will write about the parade and other experiences during that day in another entry.

Ihahalal kita sa susunod na taon

Flores de Mayo, Likod Simbahan, Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

May 19, 2006. A lot of people were waiting all night in front of our store since the procession would pass by the grocery. Actually, it was a frenzy. Tens of people lined up the streets. They were most eager to see Katrina Halili, whom the Sangguniang Kabataan hired to walk as Reina Elena. I don’t have any decent photo of her since it was much too crowded.