Naturally vain

Are people naturally vain? I brought the digital camera to school today to be able to take pictures of the Hilites Magazine members for our second issue this December. I took pictures of them one by one. You know what, all of them, after previewing their first shots, asked me to take another picture of them a couple more times. And I was confused because I didn’t see anything wrong from their previous photos. Successive shots didn’t seem to show any huge differences from the previous ones either. It’s ridiculous.

Publications cluster night

We had our publications cluster night yesterday after the last day of classes before our semestral break. It was not that eventful, but that’s okay. There were game activities, but since very few members attended, it was quite boring. Or maybe the games were just boring in the first place. There was even a basketball tournament among the publications organizations. As expected, the writers of Hilites Magazine came in last place. Haha. There was also some water fight. Almost everybody was soaking wet after that.

I didn’t sleep over at school, I asked my dad to pick me up at 11.

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It’s becoming monotonous

We had dinner with my godparents last Saturday night at Saisaki. Then on Sunday we went to Indang, Cavite for the town fiesta. There, that was mostly my weekend.

Today was another review class day. Spent the whole day in class. It’s really a good thing, Jake, Erik, Rene and Cinco are in the same class. I don’t know how I’m going to withstand a whole day of lectures without annoying Rene like the way I annoy my little brother, or without talking the hours away with whoever’s beside me.

I went to school during lunch break and met with my fellow Hilites editors about our SEP issue.

Then late this afternoon I asked my mom to pick me up instead na magcommute ako because I had a terrible headache.

Or else I wouldn’t deserve it?

I got my first medal from the high school. A gold one at that. Yay! I was given one of the recognition day Awards for Activities, annually given to people from school who performed well in their respective orgs. About less than 200 people out of the 2,000+ students in the high school were given awards/citations. And not all of them are gold. So there, I’m proud. I also got a St. Ignatius pin as a part of the editorial board of the school magazine which received a group citation. Okay, let’s forget that.

This afternoon, I had to go to Pasig to talk to the printers of our magazine. You see, it’s our first time to go colored and numerous problems came up with the layout not matching specifications for best color printing. I initially planned to just commute and get lost but thankfully, our managing editor ‘lent’ me his driver to drive me to and from. It was my first time to ride a car with a sun roof. Anyway, let the annual year-end hell weeks begin its climax!

Jele jele bago quiere

We had the semestral reading of honors this morning. And I was a second-honor awardee together with six other people in class. Anyway, boring stuff.

We had org period this afternoon. Beforehand, I was already apprehensive because I knew what today was. It was the election day for the org officers. For us in the magazine, it isn’t really elections. People apply for the position they want and they get screened. Since our senior editors will be gone by next school-year, the positions will be vacant for us junior editors. So you know, not that I’m doing a jele jele bago quiere, but I’m really not comfortable being pressured to be associate or managing editor, even editor in chief. It’s daunting really. And now all us junior editors are being screened. So, let’s just see.