Side trip to the National Museum

March 26, 2014. A very spontaneous trip to the National Museum with my law school classmates. I had originally just planned to go to the City Hall to work out some papers, tagging some friends along, and we ended up passing by the National Museum along the way after one of us admitted never having set foot inside.

It’s Law, Hence Victory! (Part 1)

December 12, 2012. One of the activities sponsored by the student council during the annual college week is a debate tournament among interested groups in school. Perhaps out of whim, Lawrence decided to form a group, which included me and Henesty. We were an odd bunch, none of us debaters, but certainly not incapable of delivering good arguments. We made up a team name, awkwardly combining our first names into a silly phrase–“It’s Law, Hence–Victory!” Haha!

With not much expectations in our minds, we gave it a shot.

We spent the past few days researching and rehearsing our speeches, and today we went through the elimination rounds. We were matched against younger law students, but were all experienced debaters. All worthwhile opponents, I might say.

Behold, despite the novelty of our attempt, we won! Onto the semifinals!

Block dinner and photo shoots

September 27, 2012. As a requirement for one of our Evidence class in law school, some of us has to present a visual case report. One of our classmates asked some of us to pose in tableaus as policemen and criminal suspects, complete with costumes. SO after one of our evening classes, we went to some street perpendicular to España and shot some photos. It was a hilarity! And an embarrassment for those who posed, so I won’t upload them here.

Since we were all in this together, the block decided to have dinner together beforehand at everyone’s default go-to place for gatherings–Shakey’s España.

End-of-exam celebration with the class

September 1, 2012. The end of our midterm exams always calls for a collective celebration with the class! Our modest venue for this particular party is one of the billiards room in Savory Restaurant along Earnshaw in Sampaloc, Manila, just a few blocks and a few minutes drive from the UST campus.

It was a night of drunken karaoke fun. We didn’t really play billiards. Haha. We instead converted the pool table it into our food table and bar, much to the horror of the restaurant owner perhaps.