Puerto Galera a second time (II)

After a hearty lunch at Patti’s grandmother’s, we went off to a secluded beach down a cliff a few meters from the house. They call it Dungon. It was a small beach, (with lots of rocks and stones, but that’s all right). We were the only people there (well, except for the divers on a boat a hundred meters off the coast). I’m a fan of secluded beaches. Beautiful.

Dungon, Sinandigan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

EDIT: Darn, the photo collage says, “a small secluded beach in Sabang…” It’s supposed to be Sinandigan, not Sabang. I couldn’t edit the collage, I delete the original PSD files right after uploading the JPGs. Hehe.

Puerto Galera a second time (I)

This was supposed to be a UP CAST semender outing, but just like the past few semenders, members’ attendance was poor. But like the rest, always fun nonetheless. This time, AD, Marella, Kay, Jo, Patti, plus Glenn came. Patti’s relatives from Sinandigan in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, hosted us seven.

I met with Kay ang Marella early in the morning at Quezon Avenue. Caught the rush hour MRT to Taft. Hitched with Patti together with AD, Glenn and Jo to Batangas. We left Batangas Port on a motorized banca ferry before noon. Arrived in Sabang Beach by lunch time.

Puerto Galera and schedules

My review classes started last Monday. The schedule is MWF 8 AM-5 PM. It’s tiring as it takes the whole day. But at least, Jake, Rene, Erik and Cinco are there!

Anyway, so last Monday we ate lunch at this Thai restaurant nearby with Erik’s friend from Miriam. Then after classes, we headed off to Burger King. Today I didn’t eat with them because I needed to attend the Hilites Magazine editorial meeting at school. After classes, we went to Jollibee!

Anyway, the review is pretty much an information-overload. But it’s okay… Plus, I still have my Mandarin lessons every Tuesday and Thursday! Wow, I am studying the whole week!

I was at Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro last Thursday till Sunday. I just tagged along with my mom and her officemates who had to work on something there. We stayed at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club overlooking Muelle Bay. We rode the RORO going to Mindoro. I mean our car rode the ferry. A two hour ferry ride to Mindoro.

Thursday. The SARS-check in the pier after we arrived was a hassle but oh well. Nothing, just stayed at the Yacht Club mostly. Actually, just in the room with my good-for-nothing brother.

Friday. My mom and her officemates had work so my brother and I were left with the drivers. So whee. We went to White Beach, Puerto Galera’s most famous one (I think). The one where most people go to. It was a social beach, the type you’d go to with your barkadas and party. But if you’re just with your good-for-nothing brother and no one else but your mom’s office drivers. And… if you dislike being in a beach where cigarette buds are littered everywhere in the sand, you better go off to some other beach. I disliked my time there. Most of the people there were yuppie college barkadas.

Victor on the bridge in front of Tamaraw FallsLater that afternoon, we drove up along a winding rough road along the steep densely forested mountainside overlooking the sea to Tamaraw Falls. It was just along the highway bridge. Just below the bridge were pools where the water from the falls collected. And of course, I swam. It was cool.

After the falls, we went to some secluded beach going through some other rough road. It was a great beach, no fancy resort houses or anything commercial, there was just a fishing village beside the beach. It was late in the afternoon and the air was cool and the sea water was cool too. There were much less people. It was somewhere where I enjoyed my solitude. The sand was not as white and as powdery as that in White Beach, it was much coarser. Actually, it was more of like fine pebbles. The type you’d find in a home aquarium.

We went back to the Yacht Club when it got dark.

Saturday. My mom and her officemates finished their work so we went beach hopping! In the morning, we stayed at White Beach. Same beach littered with cigarette buds. Kinda murky water. Hoards of ferry-bancas parked on the beach waters menacing everybody swimming. I therefore concluded that you shouldn’t go to White Beach unless you’re with your group of friends, or your girlfriend, or your entire family.

That afternoon, we hired a boat from Muelle Bay and went all throughout along the coast of Puerto Galera and beach-hopped! It was great. There are tens of beaches in Puerto Galera you could choose from to stay. But of course, why not go to all of them! There are lots of secluded beaches along the coast. There was Long Beach where there were lots of corals. So we went snorkeling. The corals were at most just a feet from the water surface so we stepped on them a lot, what a pity. Anyway, they were really sharp too so be careful. I got wounded actually! So there, we went to Coco Beach, the La Laguna Beaches and to Sabang Beach then we also went to Tamaraw Beach. We didn’t stop at all the beaches we passed through since there were so many!

It was really cool. The more I want to be a travel show presenter. Haha, like a Lonely Planet traveler or something. My mission now is to at least visit all the 70+ provinces in the Philippines!

Sunday. We drove off to Calapan the capital of Oriental Mindoro where we ate lunch before we boarded the RORO ferry back to Batangas Pier.