TD Christmas

We held a Christmas party for our TD kids in Nangka this very sunny afternoon. I was having a headache so that put me into kind of a grumpy mood. But of course, I still managed to be cheerful and all smiling with my kids.

TD Christmas Party

TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party TD Christmas Party

TD Christmas Party

Two of the seven kids I tutor were absent for the Christmas party. I have a feeling they didn’t attend on purpose because… well, one of my kid’s family lives in a cardboard shack less than two square meters large. They are that poor. I guess she was too ashamed to show up without exchange gifts for her classmates? (It shouldn’t matter, right?) It makes me sad.

Another TD Day

Today, just as any other usual school Thursday would go, we had TD tutoring session in the afternoon at Nangka, Marikina. This is the first time I brought my digital camera along so let me just jot down the usual monotonies of TD tutoring day. The usual jeepney ride to Nangka from the high school is filled with laughs and songs. Actually, it depends which group of people I ride with. I usually ride with my classmates who have guitars.

Erik, Jona, Patrick Rychus, John Asprer

As usual it took us about half an hour to get from school to Nangka. This is how the school grounds look like.

Nangka Elementary School For English class, I had my kids to present the skit I asked them to prepare with their partners last week.

Made, Jane, Katkat Katkat, Cindy the kids performing their skit Jane and Karen performing their skit

Because most of my kids are very poor in English, their dialogues were extremely hilarious. We always end up curling in laughter. I do try to relieve their deficiency by correcting their grammar and giving them the English equivalents to some Tagalog words.

Kiexel laughing at her own bloopers

After teaching English, I tutor Math to the same set of kids.

Kiezel and Cindy Cindy, Karen, Katkat Madel and Kiezel Madel and Jinky

Nagging kids

My TD kids were quarreling today. During my activity, I paired up those who were arguing with each other, an attempt to fix them up. But, they got worse. They kept nagging at each other. In the end, I asked them to do some spontaneous acting as an activity for English. I told them to stage a spontaneous dialogue on their quarrel in English. In other words I asked them to fight with each other in English. It was hilarious!! My kids are very poor in English (I try to relieve that aside from tutoring, by handing them out short stories in English every week), so their dialogues were absolutely funny. “I saw you! I saw you at the bathroom! You are destroying my name. My name is not Candy, it is Cindy!” In the end, my idea worked. They got tired of nagging at each other and felt like everything was just an act.

Tutors again after some weeks

After a couple of weeks, we finally get to see our TD kids again and be able to tutor. I miss tutoring. Makes me remember my faint idea of wanting to become a teacher someday. We don’t pass by Commonwealth Avenue anymore on the way back to school from Nangka, Marikina. Too bad for me. Because every time we pass by Commonwealth, I am allowed to be dropped off in front of the road leading to the entrance to our subdivision. It saves me an hour of waiting in school for the school shuttle.

The mini mini bus

We had TD [Tulong Dunong] Tutoring today. To save me from further annoyance from some classmates’ bus ride attitudes, I rode the smaller bus of the two that’s assigned to our class–the one where calmer, less rowdy classmates ride. One of my kids was absent but that didn’t make my tutoring easier. I misplaced my pentel pen so it was very difficult to teach multiplication without any visuals except for my lesson sheets. You see, I had to teach them multiplication again (they’re already in grade six) because when I was teaching them PEMDAS last week, I caught some of my kids drawing sticks in their notebooks and then counting and grouping them by multiples. They haven’t memorized their multiplication tables! So there. I didn’t teach English anymore because I used the whole period teaching them multiplication. I hope they understood what I taught.

Tulong Dunong exposure trip

We had our TD (Tulong Dunong) Tutoring exposure trip yesterday. TD will be our fourth-year Socio-Eco-Ethics course. We’re supposed to tutor some public school kids every week for the course of the entire year. So there, we tried it out today.

We rode hired jeepneys to some public elementary school in Marikina. My classmates ticked me off a little. For most of them, it was one of if not the first time they would ride a jeepney. And most of my classmates were all ecstatic and hyper. It kind of pathetic, but I’d probably react the same way if it was the first time I’d be riding a jeepney, so don’t get me wrong. What I really found really irritating was that my classmates, being as hyper as they were, were jeering rude insults at the people in the sidewalks. Being so ecstatic in a jeepney doesn’t give you the excuse to be rude at ordinary people in the streets. And to think we were all on our school uniforms! Shame!

We tutored our own set of kids for one period. I really enjoyed it. It makes me seriously think of my faint liking to enter the teaching profession. I seriously enjoyed teaching the kids.