They start calling me Lloyd now

iBox Awards Night, 14k Productions, Lloyd of All Trades

I’ve somewhat envied how Broad Comm students promote and market their productions. Annually, as part of some of their courses’ curricula, they hold festivals, screenings and even awards nights. I’ve always thought Film student productions deserve as much attention. I don’t know, perhaps we Film students are oriented not to treat our works of art as commercially as broadcast productions. I wasn’t expecting the publicity to go such a long way, but I heard the screening drew quite a crowd. If one of my blog entries is an indicator, it seems some UP bloggers even got to see it. It gets pretty weird when, days after the screening, random people ask if I’m Lloyd. Whew. Perhaps it was because of that shot. When Lloyd of All Trades was being screened last October 5, I intentionally missed the three show times. I was not confident enough to show up among the audience and watch myself on screen. And perhaps I was not ready to witness how audiences would react, especially with that embarrassing butt-exposure scene.

A Saturday ago, I attended the Broad Comm 130 classes’ awards night. I wasn’t keen on attending, but due to the prodding of my friends, I decided to go anyway. It was a rewarding experience, despite my not winning the best performance award. Going through the awards night experience with the members of 14k Productions and my other friends in Broad Comm was enough validation. I still feel so honored to be part of their success. Thank you for the experience, the trust and support. Congratulations, everyone!

I’m all around prematurely

October 3, 2007. Posters of Lloyd of All Trades seem to have been plastered on numerous bulletin boards around UP. And I’ve been getting quite some attention from some people. I wish my BC 130 friends chose a more flattering picture, hehe. Oh well, I don’t think there is much I can expect on how humiliating I look when I’m wearing tight jeans and holding a feather duster and a make-up brush. I’ve also seen the pre-final cut when they asked me for a final dubbing session. As always, I cringe when I see myself on screen, it borders disgust sometimes. It’s like I don’t recognize myself. For what it’s worth, at least the butt exposure part was just less than a second. Whew!

It’s the last week of regular classes. As much as I would like to look forward to the semestral break, there’s not much of a break to look forward to, as duties and responsibilities in some of my affiliations shall continue. I shall try to make the most out of it without feeling as burned out as ever.

Dressing in drag was not enough

September 05, 2007. Last Wednesday, as a response to some prodding from a few friends in Mass Comm, I auditioned for a Broad Comm 130 class’ “dramedy” pilot episode. I auditioned for the lead role of Lloyd, who, according to the audition ad, was supposed to be a young college freshman who has an expressive face and an innocent appeal. Fair enough, sounds just like me (what?).

When I went to the auditions on Wednesday morning, I found out more about the story, and found myself glad to be auditioning for it, because it tackles an issue close to what we do in STAND-UP. I eventually got the role.

Lloyd’s supposed to be a freshman on the brink of dropping out of school because of financial difficulties due to the tuition and other fee increases (TOFI) imposed on their batch. To save himself from dropping out and from being kicked out of his boarding house, he decides to take on jobs to earn money. Unfortunately for me, one of those jobs turns out to be a nude modeling stint for an art class. I was assured however, that, I need not strip all the way during the shoot. Whew.

But then, yesterday afternoon, a friend of mine from the BC 130 class approached me and revealed that they’ve decided to include a whole body shot after all. In short, I’ll really be in my birthday suit. Oh boy, the things I get myself into. And this pilot episode is to be launched with a concert and all that she-bang, and they even plan to air it on UniversiTV.

Organizer daw

I only had barely two hours of sleep because of the previous night’s fraternity ball, among other things–but I had to get up and dash to Makati to meet up with the crew that will cover the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila. I took the MRT route, and I was able to make it by call time, in under one hour.

We were given privileged “organizer” ID’s by the Manila Broadcasting Company so we were able to access areas normally off limits to other press and media people. I felt quite guilty for a while especially during the afternoon when we were all at Quirino Grandstand. While all the other photographers were being scorched dry under the heat of the sun, I was at the stage platform shooting away under a shade. Every other photographer had better cameras and lenses than me anyway. Yes, I felt quite insecure too. Hehe. I will write about the parade and other experiences during that day in another entry.

Tagabuhat na naman

When we aren’t on a shoot, this is what we do. Transcribe and archive tens of pages of shot lists for hours. It can get very, very boring. Fortunately, they are sending us out with the shooting crew more often. Just not outside of Metro Manila though. Like, a few days ago, some of us were sent with a crew to cover the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila. We even had privileged organizer ID’s. Unfortunately (or not, I can’t be choosy anyway), the other shoots are for Kikay Machine, and tomorrow, one of our destinations is apparently a bra shop and another salon/spa. Heh.

All-around personal assistant

Last Tuesday was a change in routine for my internship at Living Asia. Eka and I were sent to shoot a couple of segments for a certain show (that doesn’t air in the Philippines anyway). We finally did something outside the office! Though it wasn’t as full-blown a production nor was as hectic as I expected or even as stressful our productions in school, it was a pretty cool experience. But before we left the office, we had some cake for Rina’s birthday. There, igi-greet kita kahit di ako nangi-greet usually sa blog. Happy birthday, Rina! Sorry sa pag-“walk out” ko kahapon.

Geez, a set of redheads (lights) never weighed that much in school. Carrying that box of redheads from Living Asia up and down flights of stairs is an achievement!

Anyway, since it was a girly show we were shooting segments for, our destination last Tuesday was a fancy parlor and a fancy gym. Heh. Tomorrow, on the other hand, we’re being sent to Manila to shoot/cover the Aliwan Festival parade!

Oh, the office routine

Internship at Living Asia Channel has made me fantasize and day dream a lot about traveling around the country. One of the things I’ve been doing the past few days was capturing raw mini-dv footages from their out of town field shoots into their digital archives. Watching hours and hours of raw footage and edited but unaired programs can, admittedly, get boring, but it still makes me envious of all the traveling the field team and the hosts get to do, as part of their job.

Yesterday morning, I asked Rina to do an experiment with me, since we relatively live within the same area in Quezon City. Instead of taking one of those colorum vans with her that go straight to Makati, I decided to do it the jeep and MRT way. I wanted to see which one of us would get to the office first. While in Ayala however, I got off from one of those air-conditioned jeepneys at the wrong place so I ended up walking almost a kilometer to the office. That basically spoiled the experiment and made Rina get to the office first.

Anyway, I am finally going to be sent to the field in a shoot for one of the company’s overseas programs! That’s going to be on Tuesday. Eka and I did some “pre-production” arrangements a few days ago. I’m glad we’re being given something to do other than transcribing, video capturing and shot-listing. Everything’s well, even if I’m actually being sent on a KIKAY Machine shoot.

‘Pag ikaw tumingala

January 23, 2007. Here are some of the things I got myself into the past days. First, last Saturday, I went with the guys from Universitas to tutor a handful of elementary school children at Krus na Ligas Elementary School. It’s been years since I did this. Back in senior year in Ateneo High School, one of our course requirements was to tutor elementary school kids at a designated public school for almost an entire school year. We made our own lesson plans every week and brought our own props, papers, and visual aids.

Volunteering for Universitas Project Forge isn’t as demanding, because all materials are apparently ready beforehand. I wish I could do this every weekend, but all my other commitments won’t permit me, unfortunately.

Last Monday, at the demonstration in support of the Philippine Collegian at AS (Palma Hall) lobby, my friends made me speak in front of the crowd. Hayayay. I still get very nervous whenever they make me do public speaking. Especially in rallies. It takes practice, I guess.

Oh, and this afternoon, while walking towards UP MCO’s tambayan, my friends pulled me into doing this role-playing stint for a short video segment for GMA 7’s Unang Hirit. Darn. That was very spontaneous. Ang dugyot ko pa noong tanghaling ‘yon.

Yesterday, I also shot my first ako-lang-ang-direktor / I-call-all-the-shots short short video exercise/film! It feels liberating that I’m not just the actor or the assistant director or the production manager or a production assistant. I’m my own director, even for just a short video exercise! Yahoo.

Many thanks to my friends Ayeen and Christer for acting for me. Hehe.

Talent for food

January 18, 2007. Yesterday, if not for an impromptu decision to submit to coercion and have dinner with Ayeen, Kim and two of their high school friends, I would have ended the day without having spent a peso on food.

In the morning, I went to Rina’s TV production class to host her talk show. Prior to her airtime, however, her Korean classmate sort of requested that I guest in his own talk show because his other guest backed off the last minute. Haha. That was an Engrish madness. I was keeping myself from laughing at the set the whole time. I could barely understand the questions I was being asked and how they were phrased so I ended up talking nonsense and trying to keep myself from bursting into laughter. The great thing is they made me drink all these different types of Korean liquor.

Anyway, back to Rina’s own talk show. I was the host and Ge was my guest and our topic was singles on Valentines’ Day. For this stint, I got a McDonald’s lunch.

In the afternoon, I went to Chesa and Kay R.’s Film 114 video exercise shoot then to Andre F.’s own similar undertaking at CAL. For this, I got a free merienda. Haha.

Okay. That was another, in the words of Celeni: retarded, video blog clip. That was done a while ago at the Bahay ng Alumni and what I meant to say was: Hi, we’re currently in Con and Jobelle’s shoot for their Film 114 scene study/video exercise. Production season for film and even broadcast majors are starting once again, and since we don’t hire crews, we help each other out and volunteer to be each other’s crew people. That’s all! Speaking of all these Film 114 exercises–I haven’t done mine yet!

No camwhore

October 5, 2006. I’m rarely in pictures, because everyone expects me to be the one taking pictures. But then, thanks to other friends who also have cameras, like Patty Lazatin, I get to be in pictures once in a while.

This one was taken in front of Kamia Residence Hall last September 25. Before going home from a student council meeting, I decided to drop by and hang out with UP MCO friends. There was some sort of a mini-fair at Kamia.

This one was taken last September 20 at Quezon Hall. We had a college yearbook pictorial.

Lagari ako noong araw na ‘yon. Since I had three affiliations in Mass Comm, I had to be in three pictorials. And then I had to attend a scriptwriting workshop thing. Then I had to rush memorizing my lines for the live TV comedy production of Wap and Erol that afternoon. Then, later that afternoon, I had to rehearse for another production the next day.