University Student Council Turnover ’09

April 20, 2009. We had a turnover ceremony for the University Student Council (USC). That pseudo-officially ended our terms as members of the University Student Council.

Good luck to incoming USC for 2009! The turnover ceremony was a joint ceremony. The outgoing and the incoming editorial leadership of the Philippine Collegian also had their part of the program. It felt a little anticlimactic for me. After all, involvement in campus issues has never really been confined to the USC, for me. And I didn’t feel that anything ended that day. Even engaging colleagues from the other parties in debates, surely, didn’t end that day–even if it was goodbye to the long and harrowing GA’s we regularly had, when we just couldn’t agree on some issues at all. Though, I’d have to say despite all that, we managed to get along somehow in the end, some more than others, politics aside of course.

Simultaneously, UP Administation officials, USC 2008 and Senator Richard Gordon unveiled a bust of Wenceslao Vinzons, which the Senator commissioned to do, in honor of the hero to whom the historic and quintessential hub of university activism and politics was named after. There were also dozens of brods present too–since Vinzons, the Senator, and a handful of members of the incoming and outgoing University Student Council are members of the Upsilon Sigma Phi.

More USC ’08 Committee Deliberations

April 13, 2008. Two days weren’t enough to allow the University Student Council (USC) to deliberate, establish and elect the chairpersons of its various committees, so we held a special assembly last Thursday at the USC Office in Vinzons Hall to discuss such unresolved matters.

USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08)

We started promptly at six in the afternoon, but as expected, deliberations ensued for more than six hours. The assembly adjourned by almost midnight with only three committee establishments and leaderships resolved. That gives us a rate of a committee resolution every two hours.

USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08)

USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08)

After much deliberations, the following leaderships were decided: Councilor Fudge Tajar was elected as the head of the People’s Struggle Committee; Councilor Mico Maestro was elected chairperson of the Education & Research Committee; and Councilor Mikhail Bueno was elected chairperson of the Dormitories, Organizations, Fraternities & Sororities Committee.

USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08) USC 2008 Special Assembly (Apr. 10, '08)

Believe it or not, there’s more than a handful of committees left to be deliberated, and their chairpersons elected.

Magkasama kayo

UP Mass Communicators Organization

July 11, 2006. We had a pseudo-entertainment quiz show last Thursday at the Vinzons rooftop activity hall for the members of UP MCO (and some freshmen, supposedly). It was to serve as a test run for the real entertainment quiz show we’re going to stage as part of our anniversary week next week.

Masarap tulad ng…

May 23, 2006. I was able to ask my mom to permit me not to go to Bulacan anymore for the next few days before the first semester begins.

I went to UP yesterday to bring some old clothes and contribute to the FOPC (Freshmen Orientation Program Committee) effort of my two orgs, UP CAST and UP MCO. I spent hours with my orgmates in front of Vinzons waiting for our turns to be able to submit our rummages for FOPC points. I missed that. Just bumming around with my college friends.

FOPC for me was actually more lively and competitive last year. Particularly in UP CAST when we were really determined to earn higher points than UP Cineastes’ so we could bid for the lone film freshmen block. Our efforts actually paid off because we finished off with almost 2,000 points ahead. But then, for some reason, another Mass Comm org bid for the freshmen film block before we had the chance to. Haha.

This year doesn’t feel as competitive. Well, I actually can’t be too sure since I haven’t been around to help much in my orgs. For one thing, I wish we finally get to facilitate the blocks we intend to bid for.

While we were lazing around in front of Vinzons, a group of kids from KNN approached us and got us for some interviews. Their segment revolved around the question, “Dapat bang ipagbawal ang bubble gum (tulad ng sa Singapore)?” I forget what I said, I’m not so sure if that will deserve some air time.

Anyway, after hours of waiting, UP CAST was finally called in to weigh in our rummages by almost 3 PM. Shortly after, UP MCO was called in.

My MCO friends and I went to Gateway to watch The Da Vinci Code afterwards. Days after opening, and the lines at the box office were still very long. Imagine the frustration when we got at the counter and we were asked for ID’s, which we didn’t have at that time. We couldn’t watch The Da Vinci Code because we couldn’t prove we were 18! I actually wasn’t as frustrated as the rest of my friends, but still, that was pretty annoying. I proposed that we walk to to Alimall, where the cinemas were also showing the movie. Fortunately for us, there were no lines, and the box office sold us tickets without asking for ID’s. They even didn’t mind checking our bags and they didn’t even bother that I had a camera dangling with me. How’s that for being lenient. That was, by the way, everyone’s first time at Alimall’s cinema.

After the movie, we trooped to a pizza restaurant for dinner.

Mutual (mis)understandings

May 18, 2006. I get really annoyed (as a driver) when an approaching vehicle has its bright fog lights turned on. The right thing to do is to squint a little and stay focused on your way, look a little to the right to avoid looking directly at the bright lights. But I don’t do that. I have a bad habit of turning my fog lights on too to get back at the driver of the approaching car.

Anyway, this week will hopefully be the last week I’m going to have to accompany my mom to our grocery in Bulacan. I’ve been spending almost all my summer vacation days there and it has gotten really boring. I just sit there and do practically nothing. No computer, no internet, and what’s the point of cleaning the shelves or cashier-ing if she already has people to do those. Aside from the occasional helping hand that I can offer, all I can do there is sleep or drive around town, and she gets annoyed when I do those. My mom does not want me to stay at home (where at least I can sit in front of the computer, do stuff more productive than doing nothing) because I think she expects that summer time is a time where I can stop being a university student that I am, or stop being a friend to all my college friends, and simply become her possession/slave–which shouldn’t be the case.

Last Monday, I asked her if I could miss the Bulacan routine and she allowed me to, fortunately. I recognize that my mom tries to understand me too. I told her I would have to attend a League of College Councils meeting. Which is true, but I actually spent most of Monday catching up with my college friends.

I had lunch with Tope and Kid. I missed them both. They also accompanied me to my errands (which was one of the conditions my mom set for her to allow me to miss Bulacan). Went to Cello’s to buy donuts for someone, then to National Bookstore to look at some books. I bumped into Kenji in National. We were close friends back in elementary, but we lost touch after grade school even though we both went to Ateneo High. He stayed in Ateneo for college. We chatted for a while until I had to leave to go back to UP.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Vinzons Hall rooftop, where FOPC “tambay” was. Spent some time with my MCO orgmates too. I missed them. I was actually hopping back and forth from the CAST tambayan and the MCO tambayan every half-hour or so. Monday was the last tambay day, and if I’m not mistaken, MCO has the highest number of tambay points among the Mass Comm orgs. Though, I regret that I’m not a very big, if at all, part of that feat.

This is how the rooftop hall looks like with all the orgs doing their tambay. I assume this is not even close to how crowded it got the past days. At 5 in the afternoon, Ayeen and I attended the League of College Councils meeting also in Vinzons, as representatives from the Mass Comm council. The meeting ended at around 7 PM.

We stayed at the Vinzons lobby for a while, she accompanied me while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up. We ate the donuts I bought earlier. Later that night, I met with Stan to give him a CD which he needed. Ended the day with a sad phone conversation.