You’re just popular

February 3, 2006. I got my first bashing as a ‘candidate’.

if you don’t mind my being honest, it doesn’t mean that you have a medyo sikat na blog ay you have the right to run as film representative. one thing i hate about CMC is its fanatical devotion to people who have accomplished nothing but snag a fair amount of fame (infamy?), in your case, online. sad, but seeing the likes of you worthless folks fill important positions in CMC makes me feel everything is lost. please do all of us thinking, silent majority in masscomm a big, big favor: for your and our sake, don’t run. we have enough nincompoops as it is, thank you. – totoy

You know, I wouldn’t run if I knew that my only claim to fame and my only credentials are based on my “popular” blog. If there’s one thing lamentable with this line of thought, it’s that it leads one to automatically discredit, without further scrutiny, candidates who have say, claims-to-popularity pre-election. Also works on the national scale with the “˜thinking class” automatic aversion of electing showbiz personalities like Erap or FPJ. If you think that is how I am packaged, so be it for now. There’s more than enough time to prove it otherwise during campaign period.

Also, “nincompoops” wouldn’t be holding positions if only you and your silent majority weren’t so silent in the first place. Makes me wonder why you complain at something which is an offshoot of your own lack of action. Speak up more often, it makes for healthier discussions of issues, and with that, you’ll probably finally get the officials you really want and deserve.

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