Caramoan with Family (Day 3)

April 17, 2016. Today is my mother’s actual birthday, the very reason our family went on a trip to Caramoan. As a devout Catholic, her first request was for us to visit the town proper of Caramoan to have mass in the church. The trip from the resort to the town proper was through a boat ride that took almost an hour. We didn’t get to town early enough, however, so we contented ourselves meditating in prayer inside the church.

Before leaving town, my parents made their usual rounds of souvenir shops for trinkets and other pasalubong to take back home.

The boat ride back to the resort was a rough ride against strong currents. After the turbulent trip, my mother claimed to have finished praying all mysteries of the rosary!

After lunch, my sister and I went to the resort’s beautiful infinity pool overlooking the cove and several islands, including Catanduanes province in the horizon.

Later this afternoon, we all went to a brief trip to the national park’s lighthouse, obviously atop of the park’s highest peaks, to marvel at the sunset and absorb further, in peace and tranquility, the sight of this majestic piece of paradise.

Kailan talaga birthday ko?

Tisay celebrated her fourth birthday last Monday. We had planned to spend Sunday in a theme park, but since the metro was still reeling from the aftermath of tropical storm Ondoy, we decided to have a simple feast of Chinese food at home.

We had a small sansrival cake for Tisay but we even forgot to buy proper birthday cake candles, so we made do with a medium-sized wax candle. Tisay’s understanding of “birthday” unfortunately, is of a party, so all along up until today she doesn’t believe it was her birthday. She insists that she still has to celebrate her “birthday” distinct from the simple celebration we had last weekend. If the weather permits, we will push through with our trip to the theme park this weekend. I think she even expects to give a blow-out bash to her kindergarten classmates.

April birthdays

April 22, 2008. Hi, folks. I haven’t been updating lately. Though it’s summer, and I’m just supposed to be waiting for my graduation day, my days are actually filled with meetings and activities and last week, dinner-outs and other such gimmicks. My mother and brother celebrate their birthdays within the same week in April. Needless to say, last week was filled with dinner-outs and take-outs and food at home. Last Monday, we celebrated my younger brother’s birthday with a hearty dinner-out at Italianni’s restaurant in Trinoma Mall. After dinner, we strolled a bit and came across this large picture of a little girl which looked like Tisay. Funny, she was the one who actually ran towards it and screamed her name.

Last Thursday, on the other hand, after spending the day with my mom in our Bulacan hometown, we celebrated her birthday at Crustasia restaurant, also in Trinoma with some of her college friends. Looking at my calendar, it would also seem to me that April is the month most filled with birthdays of family, friends and acquaintances.

A fastfood birthday

Patti's McDonald's Birthday Patti's McDonald's Birthday Patti's McDonald's Birthday Patti's McDonald's Birthday Patti's McDonald's Birthday Patti's McDonald's Birthday

February 5, 2008. No, it’s not my birthday. Not yet. Last Monday, I went to a close friend’s birthday party at McDonald’s. It had been a while since I experienced a McDonald’s birthday party. I know it was a novel idea some time back to hold fastfood birthday parties with elder teens, but it’s only now that I was able to attend one. It was a respite, actually, as I had just come from a full day of picketing and rallying in the Senate and in UP. It was quite hilarious seeing everything play children’s party games.

Tisay’s second birthday party

Tisay's second birthday party

September 30, 2007. We held a birthday party for Tisay’s second birthday. It was a buffet lunch in our place in Sta. Maria, Bulacan for our relatives and my parents’ friends and neighbors. During her first birthday, we held two gatherings. One in Bulacan and a KFC kiddie party in our relatives’ place in Amadeo, Cavite. You may see pictures from her first birthday here.

Tisay's second birthday party

Two days before Tisay’s birthday

September 26, 2007. We finally regained our regular internet connection at home. The only way I was able to get online the past few days (aside from hanging out in school to avail of our wifi service) was to sit out at our garage and pick up our neighbor’s wifi signal.

Tisay in Trinoma

My mom and I took Tisay to Trinoma to buy her some clothes for her second birthday tomorrow. It was Tisay’s second time in a mall–the first time was months ago in nearby SM North EDSA. (It was, by the way, also my first time in Trinoma). We went to a few shops to look at things for her. While my mom picked out the clothes, I took care of running around the baby, which can be quite tiring. Tisay was obviously very amused with everything that she was seeing, running around the way curious and playful babies usually are.

Tisay has been with us for almost a year and five months already.

Tisay among pizzas

Much less grade-conscious

October 18, 2006. Kim celebrated her 19th birthday yesterday. We all had dinner at Chocolate Kiss last night.

One exam down, one more to go. Our Comm Res 101 exam yesterday was fine. It doesn’t matter to me that much anymore. Really, lately I’ve been subscribing to the thought that grades are just arbitrary numerals. Unexceptional grades won’t kill me nor will it (severely) lessen my chances of success in the future or anything, right? I’m not as grade-conscious as before. As long as I know for myself that I’ve learned much, I’m okay with any (passing) grade.

I stayed in Mass Comm after the exam for around an hour more, not because I wanted to hang out longer but because it rained hard and I didn’t have an umbrella to get to the car.

Birthday ni Tisay

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October 2, 2006. Tisay turned a year old last week. We celebrated her birthday twice. The first time was at Bulacan with a few relatives and neighbors there last Thursday. The second one was at Cavite with our relatives there yesterday.

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This baby deserves it all. One day, you may get to read this. We love you, Tisay. Happy first birthday!

When will you open up?

April 17, 2006. My mom and my younger brother celebrated their birthdays this week. April is actually the month where a lot of special people and friends celebrate their birthdays. My April calendar is full of birthday reminders.

Sorry for the unannounced blog hiatus. The past few days have been relatively uneventful for me. Spent almost every day in our grocery in Bulacan. It can get really boring for me. Sometimes I wish I had more student council work in school so I can excuse myself from spending the day in the store. I can barely wait for school to start again. But all’s well in helping out the business. I guess I just miss the summers when my time is all mine and I can decide to go online the entire day if I wanted to (which I really used to do).

Hm, what else? I’m getting fat. And it doesn’t help that I’m in a grocery store all day.