STAND-UP 12th Anniversary

Under the theme, “Defend Student Rights, Uphold Human Rights,” STAND-UP (Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights – UP) marked its 12th anniversary more than two weeks ago coinciding with the commemoration of International Human Rights Week, an Anti-Charter Change campaign and a campaign to Defend Student Rights and the Office of the Student Regent.

On Saturday, December 6, together with its member and observer organizations and student formations under the League of Youth For the Environment (LYFE), the alliance held a road-painting activity along the street between the Faculty Center and Palma Hall. Aside from the orgs’ logos, the most prominent mark on the asphalt canvass is the large “Defend Student Rights, Student Regent” call, which highlights the important campus campaign to defend the Student Regent institution.

STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Congress (Dec. 8, '08) STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Congress (Dec. 8, '08) STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Congress (Dec. 8, '08) STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Congress (Dec. 8, '08) STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Congress (Dec. 8, '08) STAND-UP 12th Anniversary Cultural Night (Dec. 10, '08)

On Monday, December 8, the alliance held a congress at the College of Education Theater, attended by member and guest organizations, and guest speakers Teodoro Casino of Bayan Muna and Vencer Crisostomo of League of Filipino Students. It was a whole day of talks, discussions and resolution building, all towards advancing the campaign for students’ rights and the broad campaign against Charter change. The next day, December 9,┬áthe alliance participated in the launching of Cine Veritas Human Rights Festival, together with the UP Film Institute, the University Student Council and other participating institutions and organizations. The week-long festival was opened by a human rights march around the Academic Oval and an exhibit opening at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery at the UP Cine Adarna. The four-day festival aimed to promote human rights awareness through various multi-media and multi-format activities organized by the participating groups.

A cultural night was held the next night, December 10, on the grounds in front of the Faculty Center, with the Pi Omicron tambayan as a platform. There were cultural performances and solidarity messages from member organizations, fraternities and sororities. Over coffee and some pansit, STAND-UP members enjoyed each other’s company that night and vowed to uphold the militant character and the democratic principles of the alliance onwards to the university’s next century.

To cap off the anniversary week, STAND-UP took part in the broad mobilization against Charter change held in the Makati business district last December 12, linking arms with the people in condemning fresh attempts by the Arroyo administration to amend the Constitution. Right after the rally, the alliance supported and helped organize a twelve-hour concert together with the Office of the Student Regent (OSR) and KASAMA sa UP (Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP) dubbed Defend the OSR Concert, to raise awareness and encourage broad participation in the campaign to preserve and protect the institution of students’ sole representation in the highest policy-making body in the university.

Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08) Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08) Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08) Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08) Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08) Defend the OSR Concert (Dec. 12, '08)

Appetite and string music

Quatuor Diotima string quartet

April 24, 2008. I went with a friend to this free string quartet concert at Philam Life Theater in Ermita, Manila a week ago. It was the first time I witnessed a live string quartet concert. The concert was by a quartet called Quatuor Diotima from France. There was quite a number of French expats in the theater, and because it was free-admission there were also all sorts of people, including nuns and even street children, which is a nice thing, for a concert of music traditionally associated with the wealthy.

I actually fell asleep a number of times during the performance, not because I found it boring, but it’s really just an unconscious habit of mine. Sitting inside air-conditioned theaters make me really sleepy. A few nights ago I watched Ploning with the same friend, and I think I fell asleep for around fifteen minutes in between the movie.

After the concert, we walked around Ermita scouting for places to eat. We ended up walking around for an hour before we settled to have late dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Upsilon Month 2007 (Part III)

Upsilon Month 2007, Synchronicity Concert, UP Theater To culminate our weeks-long 89th anniversary celebration, the resident and the alumni brods staged a free concert at the University of the Philippines Theater. Featured performers were the UP Jazz Ensemble, Eileen Sison & Guarana, the Family Cruz Band, Up Dharma Down, Peacepipe and Pinikpikan.

Upsilon Month 2007, Synchronicity Concert, UP Theater The concert, through the various performers and bands, traced popular music from the 1920’s till today. This also served as a kick-off concert for next year’s centennial celebration of the university.

Upsilon Month 2007, Synchronicity Concert, UP Theater

Burden of non-blogging

Whenever I don’t get to blog for a long time, and the more things that happen in my daily life that I haven’t blogged about, the heavier a certain feeling of baggage becomes for me. It’s like, as long as I don’t blog certain events, I can’t get it off my chest hence it’s quite a drag to move on without putting a definite closure by writing it down in a chronicle. I’ve been blogging my life for more than seven years, and perhaps that length of time has made me feel like if I don’t blog something, it’s as good as forgotten. Unless of course, the experience is something life-changing or extraordinary enough that it shall forever be kept in my consciousness even if I don’t blog about it. Say, something like, my fraternity initiations.

SynchronicitySpeaking of which, the past weeks saw how the Upsilon Sigma Phi staged activities and events one after another for our 89th anniversary. Boy, for a while there, I almost forgot that I had other things to do. All’s well, as it’s almost over. We’re culminating everything tomorrow, DECEMBER 11, with a FREE CONCERT featuring UP Jazz Ensemble, Peacepipe, UpDharmaDown, Pinikpikan, Eileen Sison & Guarana and the Family Cruz Band. It’s going to be from 7 PM till midnight at the UP Theater. Again, like our film screening of Tulad ng Dati, it’s free admission. You may come in even without a ticket invite! See you all there tomorrow.